300 pilot whales died in New Zealand after a powerful electromagnetic beam was directed at them February 9th, 2017. 400 came ashore on Farewell Spit, South Island; only 100 survived.

That same day, a directed energy beam from just west of Mount Taranaki was recorded passing through Farewell Spit, where the whales tried to escape the ocean. The beam originated from Taranaki Radar Station, a facility operated by the New Zealand Met Service.

300 whales die in New Zealand


  • Hi do you have a link to where the radar capture came from? I would like to share this but it would be good to know where / how it was captured. Thank you.

  • Just to add to that, it’s been reported here in NZ that there was no seismic testing at the time of the stranding. This would explain things but people will question the date, source etc.

  • Thanx for the info on why these magnificent whales are beaching themselves…As usual man & his destructive nature is at the bottom of their demise altho’ we are always left in the dark with rules that always cover what they do . Good luck to you all raising the alarms as our fabulous country is raped and sold off to the highest bidder.Shame on you.

    • however Id really like to know where the dopper images came from – which date. They are the same images we recorded over the month of Jan for that area – but I didn’t see them during the stranding – would love a reply on that please.

  • Thank you for replying, I have seen similar images on the rain radar, what I wanted to know is did you have a link to that? The day of the screenshot, time taken etc. There is nothing there to authenticate it. As always with these things, public will query it so a random image with no link or date attached make sit less credible.

  • Until i see the date attached to the image, from the Taranaki radar, i am not convinced at all, that that day matches with the stranding, the death of hundreds of whales.
    I have the same image, but its from the 26th January 2017. The whale disaster happened on February the 11th. I have the image but cant see anyway to attach it here.

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