“Ship tracks” don’t follow shipping lanes

February 17, 2018evidence

As a huge chunk of the northern Pacific was covered in so-called “ship tracks” February 12, 2018, I showed how they did not follow major shipping lanes and were in fact proof of marine cloud brightening, a geoengineering “proposal” which has already been deployed.

Aluminum 220μg/L, iron 300μg/L, barium 21μg/L, titanium 16μg/L in San Francisco rainwater

January 3, 2018evidence, geoengineers, rainwater analysis

Rain collected in San Francisco January 3rd, 2018, tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed by geoengineer David Keith. Aluminum clocked in at 220μg/L (4.4x reporting limits), iron at 300μg/L (15x reporting limits) barium at 21μg/L (4x reporting limits) and titanium at 16μg/L (32x reporting limits).