Pyrocumulus over Carr Fire

July 27, 2018By Patrick Roddieevidence 1 Comment

A pyrocumulus cloud, one of the new varieties announced by the World Meteorological Organization on 3/22 last year, rose out of the massive Carr Fire July 26th as it jumped the Sacramento river and spread into west Redding, California. In this video, I show the animation of it’s growth from the GOES-16 geostationary satellite on … Read More

African shenanigans

June 15, 2018By Patrick Roddiedirected energy, evidence, video 1 Comment

I’ve been paying attention to sharply carved “cloud” banks for some time and noticed that in south east Africa (Mozambique) they precede widespread coverage with “popcorn” clouds. The same phenomenon has been happening for several days, between the overpass of the Terra Modis satellite and the Aqua/Suomi satellites hours later.

75% plunge in insect population since spraying ramped up in the 1990s

May 23, 2018By Patrick Roddieevidence 1 Comment

Winged insect populations have plunged 75% since the 1990s, according to German researchers. The 1990s also saw an five-fold increase in first observations of “persistent contrails,” more accurately defined as stratospheric aerosol injection or chemtrails. In their paper “More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas,” Hallmen … Read More

“Ship tracks” don’t follow shipping lanes

February 17, 2018By Patrick Roddieevidence 2 Comments

As a huge chunk of the northern Pacific was covered in so-called “ship tracks” February 12, 2018, I showed how they did not follow major shipping lanes and were in fact proof of marine cloud brightening, a geoengineering “proposal” which has already been deployed.

Florida trails seen from GOES-16

January 24, 2018By Patrick Roddieevidence, video No Comments

I had a look around the globe on the geostationary satellite GOES-16 and saw intense spraying over Florida and massive steam plumes (I mistakenly called them water vapor plumes in the video) generating massive cloud cover over South America, January 24th, 2018.

Aluminum 220μg/L, iron 300μg/L, barium 21μg/L, titanium 16μg/L in San Francisco rainwater

January 3, 2018By Patrick Roddieevidence, geoengineers, rainwater analysis No Comments

Rain collected in San Francisco January 3rd, 2018, tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed by geoengineer David Keith. Aluminum clocked in at 220μg/L (4.4x reporting limits), iron at 300μg/L (15x reporting limits) barium at 21μg/L (4x reporting limits) and titanium at 16μg/L (32x reporting limits).

Manufacturing tornadoes

October 22, 2017By Patrick Roddiecommentary, evidence, video No Comments

Massive upswelling of condensed water vapor was seen on a NASA Sport animation over Oklahoma the same day it got hit by multiple tornadoes, 10-21-17. In this video I explain how EMF pulses work in conjunction with aerosol spraying to condense water and manipulate the weather.

Severe spraying worldwide

October 17, 2017By Patrick Roddiecommentary, evidence, video No Comments

Satellite imagery from NASA Worldview confirmed massive spraying and EMF worldwide, October 17, 2017. Everywhere I looked, skies were filled with trails, sharp edged unnatural cloud formations and EMF ripples.