As Clyde Lewis’ guest on Ground Zero Radio, February 3, 2017, I addressed the massive increase in spraying operations and the devastating health effects it’s causing.

For example, the number one cause of death in the UK is dementia, overtaking heart attack, cancer and stroke.

Matt Landman, producer of the new documentary “Frankenskies” was also in studio.

The above video is a one hour edit of a four hour radio show (broadcast to two million listeners). You can hear the full interview on Soundcloud.

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  1. Why the water of #California is now in #Texas?
    #Geoengineering: Abundant #water!

    #Waterspout, #Wasserhose, Tromba Marina, Trąba Wodna…

    Global Perspective on #TAI #SRM!
    #HAARP #fracking #desert #farming #chemtrails #Geoengineering

  2. The main reason of diseases is the lack of VitaminD by reduction of Sunlight!
    The crap of TAI (Tropospheric Aerosol Injection) is also poisoning. The criminals sell it as “thunderstorm asthma”!

    #VitaminD #deficiency & #SRM #chemtrails! #MIH tooth disease!

    #Thunderstorm #asthma is #Aerotoxicsyndrome!

  3. The global imperialists are using climate engineering to grab the ultimate resources: water, carbon, air, sunlight, soil

    They have this technology and therefore they use it!

    Climate engineering can only work globally, so they need “global geoengineering governance” to be established and legalized! That means also the end of national states.

    The national states are easy to break, as of about 200 states in the world only 3 or 5 are really independent. All the rest is broke and ruled by corrupt and criminal idiots!

    The grab of global power can only be finally conquered by a final world war. Some countries need to be destroyed, which are independent or have partly independent powerful independent economies: Russia, China, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Iran, Nigeria etc.

    #Plausible #Deniability!

    #Geoengineering: No #acidification, but mass death in the oceans.

    #Carthage Syndrome! #Water & #Carbon #Empire!

    #SRM #HAARP #fracking #desert #farming #chemtrails #Geoengineering

  4. I am waiting for You Patrick to realize the intentionally changed water balance and also the impact of reduced sunlight!

    Why don’t You realize this?
    Whatever You talk about poison, weapons etc. may be ok, but You totally ignore the change in water and sunlight balance!

    This is the main change intended by climate engineering!

    Water is delivered for hydraulic fracturing of petrol and gas and also for desert farming!

    Poor and rich on #water!

    Why #Saudi #Qatar #UAE are attacking #Syria #Yemen & #Iraq?

    Please realize the connection of climate engineering with desert farming and fracking!

    As long as You don’t see this and don’t realize how they are profiting all talk remains distractive!

    Russia and China are also fighting for the water!

    The measures applied there are partly as a means of self defense, and partly own water management!

    There is huge war on tropospheric water particularly observable above neuralgic spots, e.g. Sea of Okhotsk, Yellow Sea, between Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Urumia Sea!

    Please don’t be intimidated or fooled by #NLP!

    They need to expose it in an “acceptable” way to “save the climate”!

    People are programmed by words!

    Tropospheric Aerosol Injection is “normalized”!

    Protect Yourself by protecting Your languag!

    It is gobal water grabbing, applied across the oceans and contients!

    This is what is meant with climate engineering!
    Just realize, climate mainly means WATER!!!!

    #Waterspout, #Wasserhose, Tromba Marina, Trąba Wodna…

    Global Perspective on #TAI #SRM!
    #HAARP #fracking #desert #farming #chemtrails #Geoengineering

  5. The rise of CO2 means decrease of O2 as O2 is created after the absorbtion of CO2 by the plants during the conduction of photosynthesis!

    Plants need for photosynthesis CO2, water and sunlight, mainly in blue and also red light. If the blue light absorbing plants stay und the TAI sky, they cannot conduct photosynthesis anymore.

    The consequence is the rise of CO2 and decrease of O2. That means less air to breathe for the animals.

    If TAI occurs above the oceans, the O2 emitting algae die or don’t grow, the CO2 in water also rises and O2 decreases and the animals are suffocated. This result is observable by mass death in the oceans!

    The suffocation is very dramatic in the oceans but also on land the animals suffer and die as 70% of O2 should come from oceans under natural conditions!

    #Oxygen deprivation! #Global #suffocation!
    #desert #farming #chemtrails #Geoengineering

    The climate engineering criminals try to cover this behind the propaganda of acidification!

    No #acidification but mass death by #suffocation!

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