African shenanigans

I’ve been paying attention to sharply carved “cloud” banks for some time and noticed that in south east Africa (Mozambique) they precede widespread coverage with “popcorn” clouds. The same phenomenon has been happening for several days, between the overpass of the Terra Modis satellite and the Aqua/Suomi satellites hours later. Continue reading “African shenanigans”

Florida trails seen from GOES-16

I had a look around the globe on the geostationary satellite GOES-16 and saw intense spraying over Florida and massive steam plumes (I mistakenly called them water vapor plumes in the video) generating massive cloud cover over South America, January 24th, 2018. Continue reading “Florida trails seen from GOES-16”

Now *stopping* the spraying will kill us all?

Alan Robock, a geoengineer who said we’re all going to die unless we’re sprayed with poisons (but pinky swears it’s not happening) now says we’re all going to die if the poison spraying ever stopped. Continue reading “Now *stopping* the spraying will kill us all?”

“There is no planet B” – top climate scientist cautions against geoengineering

A world renowned climatologist warned against the unintended consequences of geoengineering, “massive technological interventions with a system we don’t understand … and certainly health impacts are among those potential consequences.” Continue reading ““There is no planet B” – top climate scientist cautions against geoengineering”

One day of geoengineering

January 12 2018 wasn’t particularly special – yet the globe was severely sprayed and zapped while most people obliviously went about their day. Here are four videos I made to document a small fraction of it. Continue reading “One day of geoengineering”

Thomas fire cloud recognised by UN on 3/22 this year

Pyrocumulus, the fire cloud that looks like a volcanic eruption and engulfed Ventura County yesterday, was officially recognised by the UN’s World Meteorological Organization on March 22nd this year.

Cumulus flammagenitusalso known by the unofficial, common name, ‘pyrocumulus’” became part of the WMO’s New International Cloud Atlas. Continue reading “Thomas fire cloud recognised by UN on 3/22 this year”

Thomas Fire resembles pyroclastic flow

An image I found on Twitter showed the Thomas Fire generating plumes that resembled a pyroclastric flow – as seen in volcanic eruptions and when the World Trade Center towers were turned into dust on 9/11. Continue reading “Thomas Fire resembles pyroclastic flow”

“Odd and unusual” fires the “new normal” – Jerry Brown

Even though CA governor Jerry Brown calls December wildfires “very odd and unusual,” he added that they were “the new normal.” Continue reading ““Odd and unusual” fires the “new normal” – Jerry Brown”

Manufacturing tornadoes

Massive upswelling of condensed water vapor was seen on a NASA Sport animation over Oklahoma the same day it got hit by multiple tornadoes, 10-21-17. In this video I explain how EMF pulses work in conjunction with aerosol spraying to condense water and manipulate the weather. Continue reading “Manufacturing tornadoes”

Severe spraying worldwide

Satellite imagery from NASA Worldview confirmed massive spraying and EMF worldwide, October 17, 2017. Everywhere I looked, skies were filled with trails, sharp edged unnatural cloud formations and EMF ripples. Continue reading “Severe spraying worldwide”

SF Chemtrails/Geoengineering Awareness Forum

The first San Francisco Chemtrails/Geoengineering Awareness Forum was held at at San Francisco Main Library July 29th, 2017. Here are the presentations: Continue reading “SF Chemtrails/Geoengineering Awareness Forum”

Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis

As Clyde Lewis’ guest on Ground Zero Radio, February 3, 2017, I addressed the massive increase in spraying operations and the devastating health effects it’s causing. Continue reading “Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis”