SSU-043 – How we win

How we will win. In this interview with Ryan Christian, recorded April 6, 2018, I explain how we stop the spraying program in particular, and the progression of evil in general. Continue reading “SSU-043 – How we win”

Propaganda & Alzheimer’s

This children’s book filled with egregious chemtrail propaganda was given to me by someone who works with Alzheimer’s sufferers. She bought “Amazing Airplanes” for one of her patients whose career as an engineer (and ability to speak) was cut short by the brain destroying disease which is caused by neurotoxic aluminum, a major constituent of the chemtrails spread so liberally throughout the book. Continue reading “Propaganda & Alzheimer’s”

Now *stopping* the spraying will kill us all?

Alan Robock, a geoengineer who said we’re all going to die unless we’re sprayed with poisons (but pinky swears it’s not happening) now says we’re all going to die if the poison spraying ever stopped. Continue reading “Now *stopping* the spraying will kill us all?”

Thomas fire cloud recognised by UN on 3/22 this year

Pyrocumulus, the fire cloud that looks like a volcanic eruption and engulfed Ventura County yesterday, was officially recognised by the UN’s World Meteorological Organization on March 22nd this year.

Cumulus flammagenitusalso known by the unofficial, common name, ‘pyrocumulus’” became part of the WMO’s New International Cloud Atlas. Continue reading “Thomas fire cloud recognised by UN on 3/22 this year”

Manufacturing tornadoes

Massive upswelling of condensed water vapor was seen on a NASA Sport animation over Oklahoma the same day it got hit by multiple tornadoes, 10-21-17. In this video I explain how EMF pulses work in conjunction with aerosol spraying to condense water and manipulate the weather. Continue reading “Manufacturing tornadoes”

Severe spraying worldwide

Satellite imagery from NASA Worldview confirmed massive spraying and EMF worldwide, October 17, 2017. Everywhere I looked, skies were filled with trails, sharp edged unnatural cloud formations and EMF ripples. Continue reading “Severe spraying worldwide”

SSU-036 – Last American Vagabond

Ryan Christian interviewed me about the Las Vegas shooting and other efforts by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be to create order out of chaos. Continue reading “SSU-036 – Last American Vagabond”

“Impossible” contrails over Chiloquin

Despite the relative humidity being 21% at 40,000ft, I got close-up footage on two sprayers leaving so-called “persistent contrails” over Chiloquin, OR, 11-8-16. Continue reading ““Impossible” contrails over Chiloquin”

All out assault

Chiloquin suffered an all-day chemical assault October 20th.

By sunrise, the skies were already filled with fast expanding trails.

I also caught a sprayer changing course and turning off his sprayer:

By sunset, the skies were utterly trashed by countless sprayers:

Brutal spray day

Today was just brutal; the skies over Chiloquin, OR, were criss-crossed with fast expanding trails, despite the relative humidity being 28% at cruising altitude – making it impossible for contrails to form. Continue reading “Brutal spray day”