SSU-051 – Afreekan Southwell 2018-09-29

September 30, 2018By Patrick Roddiedirected energy, geoengineers, geopolitics, podcast, spirituality No Comments

In my third interview with Afreekan Southwell, broadcast on the Virgin Islands’ People’s Station, WSTA1340, September 29, 2018, I talked about the weaponization of our weather. Our talk covered last year’s multiple Category 5 hurricanes in the Carribean, the “new normal” of extreme weather events, an unprecedented fire season in the western USA, earthquakes, floods … Read More

SSU-050 – Chemtrails & Alzheimer’s – Chris Exley PhD

July 31, 2018By Patrick Roddiealzheimer's, health, podcast, research 3 Comments

The world’s leading expert on aluminum toxicity said it would be “catastrophically stupid” to spray the skies with alumina nanoparticles, as geoengineer David Keith plans to do over Tuscon this year.

Professor Chris Exley PhD, group leader of the Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keele University, UK, has studied aluminum toxicity for 34 years; how it causes Alzheimer’s disease and what we can do to protect ourseves from it.

Pyrocumulus over Carr Fire

July 27, 2018By Patrick Roddieevidence 1 Comment

A pyrocumulus cloud, one of the new varieties announced by the World Meteorological Organization on 3/22 last year, rose out of the massive Carr Fire July 26th as it jumped the Sacramento river and spread into west Redding, California. In this video, I show the animation of it’s growth from the GOES-16 geostationary satellite on … Read More

African shenanigans

June 15, 2018By Patrick Roddiedirected energy, evidence, video 1 Comment

I’ve been paying attention to sharply carved “cloud” banks for some time and noticed that in south east Africa (Mozambique) they precede widespread coverage with “popcorn” clouds. The same phenomenon has been happening for several days, between the overpass of the Terra Modis satellite and the Aqua/Suomi satellites hours later.

SSU-049 – Vaxxed and sprayed

June 9, 2018By Patrick Roddiehealth, interview, podcast, spirituality No Comments

In this interview with vaccine activist Suzanne Origen, I explain how both vaccines and the spraying injure our health with toxic alumina and other pathogens.

SSU-048 – Winning through awesomeness.

June 7, 2018By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast, spirituality No Comments

I had an outstanding interview with Lynette Marie Barron covering my work to stop the chemtrail program and how to apply spirit in your daily life.

75% plunge in insect population since spraying ramped up in the 1990s

May 23, 2018By Patrick Roddieevidence 1 Comment

Winged insect populations have plunged 75% since the 1990s, according to German researchers. The 1990s also saw an five-fold increase in first observations of “persistent contrails,” more accurately defined as stratospheric aerosol injection or chemtrails. In their paper “More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas,” Hallmen … Read More

SSU-046 – Victory through awesomeness

May 18, 2018By Patrick Roddieinterview, legal, podcast, spirituality 7 Comments

How we identify and defeat all the crap from the other side, spiritually. We need to be able to recognize awesomeness and it’s opposite and choose between them. By ridding ourselves of all things crappy we become clear, focused and powerful. Our side is about creation, theirs is destruction. We need to understand that and act accordingly.

SSU-045 – Tuscon Chemtrail Summit speech

May 16, 2018By Patrick Roddiepodcast, speech 2 Comments

In my third annual Chemtrail Summit presentation in Tuscon, AZ, May 12th, 2018, I prove we are being sprayed with aluminum, how it has caused the Alzheimer’s epidemic, how iron accelerates the disease, how we protect ourselves with soluble silica and the legal means to stop it in its tracks.