SSU-036 – Last American Vagabond

October 6, 2017By Patrick Roddiecommentary, podcast No Comments

Ryan Christian interviewed me about the Las Vegas shooting and other efforts by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be to create order out of chaos.

SSU-035 – Spaced Out Radio

September 19, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

Dave Scott of SpacedOutRadio interviewed me September 19, 2017 about chemtrails, weather warfare, hurricane manipulation and the global awakening happening around the world.

SSU-034 – Backstory with Kate Willens

September 18, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

In my talk with Kate Willens September 18, 2017, I outlined the spiritual aspect of the hot war we are in, as evidenced by the escalation of hate, fear, violence, chaos and deception waged against us.

Aluminum 280μg/L, titanium & iron 20x reporting levels in San Francisco rain

September 11, 2017By Patrick RoddieFeatured, rainwater analysis 15 Comments

Titanium was found at almost 20 times reporting limits in San Francisco rain. Aluminum clocked in at 280μg/L (5.6x reporting limits), iron at 400μg/L (20x RL) and barium nearly four times reporting limits (19μg/L).

SSU-033 – Last American Vagabond, 9-7-17

September 7, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

In the best interview I’ve ever done, Ryan Christian and I discussed the blatant manipulation of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose. In the past, we have shown you not only that geoengineering is very real, but that it is being used in real world situations on a regular basis, with zero oversight.

SSU-032 – Era of Wisdom

September 6, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

My September 6th interview with Cassius from Era of Wisdom really caught fire, quickly garnering 265,000 YouTube views, and shared by Anonymous, Russia Today and more. It then became the foundation of a viral video by Enigma 51, which got 873,000 views. That’s well over a million people who were shown proof of hurricane engineering … Read More

SSU-031 – On the Bridge with Kira Young

August 12, 2017By Patrick Roddiepodcast No Comments

My interview with Kira Young on On The Bridge with Kira, broadcast August 12, 2017 on Revolution Radio. We discuss the covert spraying program, my project to build a global database linking spraying to health impacts, the full spectrum warfare on all life on Earth and how we will win using spiritual warfare.