“Impossible” contrails over Chiloquin

Despite the relative humidity being 21% at 40,000ft, I got close-up footage on two sprayers leaving so-called “persistent contrails” over Chiloquin, OR, 11-8-16. Continue reading ““Impossible” contrails over Chiloquin”

Chemtrails, depopulation & spiritual warfare

In a wide ranging interview with Peter Crawford Valentino, I discuss how the dramatic increase in the spraying program corresponds with the mass awakening of the population. Continue reading “Chemtrails, depopulation & spiritual warfare”

All out assault

Chiloquin suffered an all-day chemical assault October 20th.

By sunrise, the skies were already filled with fast expanding trails.

I also caught a sprayer changing course and turning off his sprayer:

By sunset, the skies were utterly trashed by countless sprayers:

Brutal spray day

Today was just brutal; the skies over Chiloquin, OR, were criss-crossed with fast expanding trails, despite the relative humidity being 28% at cruising altitude – making it impossible for contrails to form. Continue reading “Brutal spray day”

“You’ve a chemtrail off your left wing” – air traffic controller

An air traffic controller told a Southwest pilot he had “a chemtrail off (his) left wing” last week – and it was recorded for posterity. Continue reading ““You’ve a chemtrail off your left wing” – air traffic controller”

28% Relative Humidity

The skies over Chiloquin, OR, were filled with north-south “persistent contrails” 9-25-16 despite the relative humidity at cruising altitude being only 28%. Even uber-shill Mick West says it’s impossible for contrails to form when the atmosphere is that dry. Continue reading “28% Relative Humidity”

26% Relative Humidity

The skies over Chiloquin OR were completely filled with so-called “persistent contrails” despite the most recent relative humidity reading from 60 miles away being just 26% at cruising altitude. Continue reading “26% Relative Humidity”