As children returned to school in southern Oregon, the scumbags ramped up the spraying. This is a compilation of crime scene videos of the day.

The skies were filled with fast expanding on-off trails, chembows (#incrediblyraresundogs), zipper trails and trails which abruptly changed direction. We were also treated to a pink chemset filled with trails.

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  • …..”As we have seen over and over above Klamath County Oregon…today is tuesday May 9, 2017, and it appears that they will keep spraying our skies till Kingdom Come !!!!! This is everywhere, and I saw it in the sky on my vacation this past week , as I drove to Ojai, California…in Ventura County, southern, ca. I’ve taken so, many pictures, that my camera is out of service…..the scumbags will not stop…’s definately evil….and I read prophecy in the Bible that relates to the end days….this pestilence is sure…I pray Jesus come quickly, from the book of Revelation…..from a deeply concerned citizen of s. Oregon. , Lori

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