Weather Modification Association meeting

I attended the Weather Modification Association’s annual meeting aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, April 27-29, 2016. I’d hoped to speak on my paper, “Human Health Impacts of Proposed Geoengineering Solutions,” but they wouldn’t accept it, despite submitting my abstract on time. Continue reading “Weather Modification Association meeting”

Mount Shasta Headwaters Speech

I gave a speech at the Mount Shasta headwaters on April 20, 2016 about the global – and covert – spraying (chemtrails/geoengineering) program. I outlined what’s being done, who’s doing it and what we as individuals can do to stop it. Apologies for the audio dropouts, I had to edit out the f-bombs of a shirtless character who waited until I started talking before yelling obscenities, unplugging my microphone and throwing objects at me in a futile attempt to stop my message getting out. But to quote from the awesome movie Serenity, you can’t stop the signal!