SSU-051 – Afreekan Southwell 2018-09-29

In my third interview with Afreekan Southwell, broadcast on the Virgin Islands’ People’s Station, WSTA1340, September 29, 2018, I talked about the weaponization of our weather. Our talk covered last year’s multiple Category 5 hurricanes in the Carribean, the “new normal” of extreme weather events, an unprecedented fire season in the western USA, earthquakes, floods […]

Now *stopping* the spraying will kill us all?

Alan Robock, a geoengineer who said we’re all going to die unless we’re sprayed with poisons (but pinky swears it’s not happening) now says we’re all going to die if the poison spraying ever stopped.

Aluminum 220μg/L, iron 300μg/L, barium 21μg/L, titanium 16μg/L in San Francisco rainwater

Rain collected in San Francisco January 3rd, 2018, tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed by geoengineer David Keith. Aluminum clocked in at 220μg/L (4.4x reporting limits), iron at 300μg/L (15x reporting limits) barium at 21μg/L (4x reporting limits) and titanium at 16μg/L (32x reporting limits).

CIA involvement in the spraying

The CIA covertly funds and promotes the global spraying program, also known as geoengineering or chemtrails, and may refuse to stop even if President Trump demands it.

Rain analysis matches geoengineering proposal – again

For the second time in two weeks, rainwater collected in Chiloquin, OR, October 24th tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed on us by geoengineer, David Keith

Rain analysis matches geoengineering proposal

Rainwater collected in Chiloquin, OR, tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed by geoengineer David Keith – aluminum (84μg/L), barium (6.3μg/L), titanium (3.7μg/L) and iron (57μg/L). This follows news that human brains are saturated with nano-magnetite, also proposed to be sprayed by Dr. Keith.

Magnetite nanoparticles in human brains

Geoengineer David Keith proposed spraying us with highly toxic 0.5μm magnetite nanoparticles – and now they are showing up in massive quantities in human brains, according to British researchers.

Weather Modification Association meeting

I attended the Weather Modification Association’s annual meeting aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, April 27-29, 2016. I’d hoped to speak on my paper, “Human Health Impacts of Proposed Geoengineering Solutions,” but they wouldn’t accept it, despite submitting my abstract on time.

Question for Ken Caldeira

After geoengineer Ken Caldeira’s keynote speech at the UC Santa Cruz Climate Science & Policy conference (February 26th, 2016), I asked him why he didn’t discuss geoengineering. He refused to answer – or address the health impacts paper I gave him at the July 2015 Paris Climate Conference. And here’s his full keynote:-

Geoengineer evasive on health risks of spraying

Geoengineer Alan Robock was evasive about the health impacts of “proposals” to spray us with nanoparticulate aluminium and barium

Geoengineer keeps “forgetting” he discussed poisoning our sky

Geoengineering pitch man, Ken Caldeira, must be huffing nano particulate aluminum. He keeps forgetting that when he worked at a Government weapons lab he discussed “adding pathogens to the clouds” to wage chemical and germ warfare on civilian populations. Now his job is to sell the public on the idea that we may have no […]

Geoengineer evasive on aluminum toxicity

Geoengineering pitch man, David Keith, only talks about the possibility of spraying us with sulphates. But his own paper says they are ineffective, that spraying us with a million tons of highly toxic nanoparticulate aluminum and barium would be much better.

Geoengineer discussed poisoning the sky

Geoengineer Ken Caldeira discussed spraying chemicals in our skies to “blunt the worst effects of global warming.” But when confronted (at 4:40) he was forced to admit there has been no global warming for at least 17 years (“it has leveled off”) and that when he worked at a nuclear weapons lab, he discussed poisoning […]