Huge rise in respiratory failure deaths

I’ve mentioned the massive leap in deaths from respiratory failure in recent years, so I thought it prudent to post links for posterity.

First off, Scotland saw an unprecedented 13.8% rise in deaths from respiratory failure between 2014 and 2015. (Source: National Records of Scotland)

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.17.11 PM

This rise comes at a time when smoking was is at an all time low, heavy industry has been moved to China, remaining coal power plants are being fitted with scrubbers and vehicles have their tightest emissions standards ever.

Italy saw it’s overall death rate jump 11.3% over the same period, a rise they haven’t experienced since there was a land war between the Allies and Germany during World War II. (Source: La Republica)

England and Wales also saw a 5.4% rise in the death rate between 2014 and 2015 – the biggest rise since the 1960s. In all these cases, officials claim to have no idea why the death rates are rising so rapidly. If they looked out the window once in a while they might understand why.

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If you come across any other alarming statistics, please contact me and I’ll add them to this article.

Question for Ken Caldeira

After geoengineer Ken Caldeira’s keynote speech at the UC Santa Cruz Climate Science & Policy conference (February 26th, 2016), I asked him why he didn’t discuss geoengineering. He refused to answer – or address the health impacts paper I gave him at the July 2015 Paris Climate Conference.

And here’s his full keynote:-

URGENT – EPA deadline on Monday August 31st

We only have a few short days to submit comments and evidence to the EPA on their plan to regulate aircraft emissions. The deadline’s this coming Monday, August 31st at midnight eastern time.
Since the spraying creates artificial cloud cover and water is the planet’s most potent greenhouse gas, they have to address it, as well as the documented – and devastating – human health impacts.

The proposal only applies to commercial aircraft, so no need to mention military involvement.

Use your own voice, don’t just copy and paste.

As of yesterday, they had received more than 22,000 comments. Let’s try to double that number by Monday.

Here’s the testimony I delivered and here’s the paper I brought to the Paris Climate Conference.

Let your voice be heard. It’s the best chance we’ve ever had.


EDIT – Commenting below won’t get your message to the EPA. You need to use this link.