Fighting City Hall

I’ve been trying to get the San Francisco Department of Public Health to release the numbers of deaths in the city and they have been stonewalling since August – despite being mandated to provide public records within ten days. Continue reading “Fighting City Hall”

“There is no planet B” – top climate scientist cautions against geoengineering

A world renowned climatologist warned against the unintended consequences of geoengineering, “massive technological interventions with a system we don’t understand … and certainly health impacts are among those potential consequences.” Continue reading ““There is no planet B” – top climate scientist cautions against geoengineering”

Directed energy weapons

Satellite images showed uniformly spaced hole-punch (“fallstreak”) clouds through artificial plumes over China, December 28, 2016, consistent with directed energy beams from high altitude focused platforms, possibly satellites. Continue reading “Directed energy weapons”

Magnetite nanoparticles in human brains

Geoengineer David Keith proposed spraying us with highly toxic 0.5μm magnetite nanoparticles – and now they are showing up in massive quantities in human brains, according to British researchers. Continue reading “Magnetite nanoparticles in human brains”