A massive “fallstreak” (hole punch) cloud appeared over Chiloquin, OR, 10-21-16, complete with an #incrediblyraresundog, indicating a heavy barium load in the atmosphere.


  • sundogs mean barium? I saw a couple of full ones and have seen a fair number of partial ones this last year when there were no trails that looked like chemtrails.

    • You don’t need fresh trails to see sundogs (chembows). Long after they’re dispersed, the sky is laden with barium salts, creating these halos with half the diameter of halos (rainbows) formed by water. In fact, you won’t see them until the trails have had time to spread out. Here’s a collection of #incrediblyraresundogs I filed in San Francisco last year: https://youtu.be/ldUednDhIBM

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