Relative Humidity

In this video I explain how you can see if persistent contrails are physically possible to form – or whether the persistent contrails you see are artificially nucleated. Here’s a link to the Wyoming Soundings.

Father’s Day Spray over SF

Fathers Day (6-19-16) saw very heavy spraying over San Francisco, with grid lines, fast expanding wispy trails and a tight creepy halo around the sun.

Trashed skies in the Central Valley

On my way to give a speech at the Shasta Headwaters Chemtrail Jam, I recorded two videos of the brutal spraying over California’s Central Valley, the nation’s vegetable basket.

Chemrise over SF

I woke up April 19th to one of the worst chemrises I’ve seen – the sky completely filled with spreading wispy trails. This followed a heavy night of spraying, complete with an #incrediblyraremoondog, evidence of a heavy particulate load of barium.

#incrediblyraresundog over SF

Very well pronounced 21 degree halo over San Francisco in a sky full of wispy crap. These halos indicate a heavy load of barium particulates in the sky. Less than one gram can kill an adult human.

Spraying over the storm

There was a break in the storm clouds long enough to see heavy spraying over San Francisco, March 11th, 2016. Don’t assume that just because it’s overcast, you’re not being sprayed.

Between storms

There was a long enough break in the storms March 9th to show very heavy spraying over San Francisco – long trails and wispy fake looking “clouds.” I also mention that my latest rainwater analysis tested positive for five metals.

SF Spray Report & Timelapse 3

The SF Spray report for 2-23-16 features a *triple* #incrediblyraresundog during a particularly heavy spray day, along with close ups on sprayers, a 24 hour time lapse and depressing satellite imagery.

Double #incrediblyraresundog

My thoughts on the multiple rings on the depressingly common #incrediblyraresundog seen over San Francisco, February 23, 2016. The shills over at Metabunk are still struggling to come up with a bs talking point to explain the multiple rings. Heh.

SF Spray Report & Timelapse 2

Another brutal 24 hours, (Feb 22, 2016) with a day long #incrediblyraresundog and an all night #incrediblyraremoondog. I got close ups on sprayers and recorded the full moon rising through chemtrails. Also features 24 hours of time lapse and NASA satellite imagery.

An incredible week

What a week that was. It started with my EPA testimony being picked up by Activist Post, Global Research, David Icke, and many more outlets. It’s been translated into Czech, Italian, French – and who knows what else. As of today, it’s gotten 14,382 YouTube views, not counting other channels that reposted it. The timing […]

24 hours of suck

Since this has been such a brutal weekend for spraying , I decided to combine video commentary, sprayer close ups and day – and night – time lapses and satellite images into this 13 minutes bit covering February 20-21st. If you’re not doing everything you possibly can to put an end to this planetary emergency, […]

Valentine’s Day Chemrise

Heavy overnight spraying gave San Francisco a dramatic chemical sunrise this morning, 2-14-16. It would be pretty if you didn’t know it was made up of toxic metals. Ugh.