NASA Worldview tutorial

NASA Worldview is a fantastic resource for documenting evidence of the global spraying program, aka geoengineering/chemtrails. In this tutorial, I show you how to make best use of it and share the more damning images across Facebook and other social media.

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  1. Dear Patrick,

    please look on my FB group and on my blog.

    I am focused on this topic!
    What I can add to Your explanations is the answer to the question “why?”.

    It is global 3D water grabbing (management)!

    Do You want to understand why the Russians are so engaged in Syria and why the gulf oil-gas-dictators are feeding the war against Syria, Iraq & Yemen?

    Follow the WATER ROUTES, You will find oil and money there, but also war, diseases and death!

    Weather modification is an effect of TROPOSPHERIC WATER MANAGEMENGT !

    It is simply not enough if You only look at only your small part of the sky and get annoyed about the pollution.
    When we talk about weather and climate, at least all the Climate Cell have to be observed.

    Climate is mainly about WATER and SUNLIGHT. Playing with the sunlight impacts on the water balance of the Climate Cell.
    Look at the WATER ROUTES! Question why do they need to do that!

    What we watch every day as filthy toxic DESUBLIMATION and condensation trails are nothing but the full implementation of the Industry for Tropospheric Water Management!

    Get the whole picture, not just small snippets of Your sky!

    #Geoengineering: Wasserarmut und Wasserreichtum!
    #water #theft #fracking #desert #farming #SRM


    Water Delivery!

    Water WAR!

    #SRM #Geoengineering: #WWIII #WMD #TSRWM! Please remove the underscore at the end of URL!

    Misery of #Syria #Yemen #Iraq comes from failing #Meteorology #science!

    Why are the #Saudi attacking #Syria #Yemen & #Iraq?

    Weird coalition of united of enemies! Domino Effect!

    Breaking Empire’s backbone! Thank You #Russia! Devil machine!

    Please study “desublimation” and “condensation”!

    Desublimation is the KEY to understand Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and what Chemtrails basically mean! Please remove the underscore at the end of URL!


  2. I can’t understand, why there are chemtrails all over the sea where no people live? Who has the resources to spray chemicals out there every day and what are they trying to do?

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