“Ship tracks” don’t follow shipping lanes

February 17, 2018By Patrick Roddieevidence 2 Comments

As a huge chunk of the northern Pacific was covered in so-called “ship tracks” February 12, 2018, I showed how they did not follow major shipping lanes and were in fact proof of marine cloud brightening, a geoengineering “proposal” which has already been deployed.

Fighting City Hall

February 7, 2018By Patrick Roddieactivism, health No Comments

I’ve been trying to get the San Francisco Department of Public Health to release the numbers of deaths in the city and they have been stonewalling since August – despite being mandated to provide public records within ten days.

SSU-042 – Collective Consciousness Show

January 25, 2018By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

I was a last minute replacement for Terry Lawton on the Collective Consciousness Show on American Underground Network, January 25, 2018, and the conversation couldn’t have been better.

Florida trails seen from GOES-16

January 24, 2018By Patrick Roddieevidence, video No Comments

I had a look around the globe on the geostationary satellite GOES-16 and saw intense spraying over Florida and massive steam plumes (I mistakenly called them water vapor plumes in the video) generating massive cloud cover over South America, January 24th, 2018.

Now *stopping* the spraying will kill us all?

January 23, 2018By Patrick Roddiecommentary, geoengineers, video 2 Comments

Alan Robock, a geoengineer who said we’re all going to die unless we’re sprayed with poisons (but pinky swears it’s not happening) now says we’re all going to die if the poison spraying ever stopped.

Aluminum 30μg/L, iron 52μg/L, barium 11μg/L, titanium 3.8μg/L in San Francisco rainwater

January 18, 2018By Patrick Roddierainwater analysis 3 Comments

Yet again, San Francisco rainfall has tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed by geoengineer David Keith. Aluminum was found at 30μg/L, iron at 52μg/L barium at 11μg/L and titanium at 3.8μg/L.

“There is no planet B” – top climate scientist cautions against geoengineering

January 16, 2018By Patrick Roddiehealth, video No Comments

A world renowned climatologist warned against the unintended consequences of geoengineering, “massive technological interventions with a system we don’t understand … and certainly health impacts are among those potential consequences.”

SSU-041 – Last American Vagabond

January 10, 2018By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

In my latest interview with Ryan Christian on The Last American Vagabond, we discuss geopolitics, CERN, AI and the increasingly dark nature of our spiritual opposites.

Aluminum 220μg/L, iron 300μg/L, barium 21μg/L, titanium 16μg/L in San Francisco rainwater

January 3, 2018By Patrick Roddieevidence, geoengineers, rainwater analysis No Comments

Rain collected in San Francisco January 3rd, 2018, tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed by geoengineer David Keith. Aluminum clocked in at 220μg/L (4.4x reporting limits), iron at 300μg/L (15x reporting limits) barium at 21μg/L (4x reporting limits) and titanium at 16μg/L (32x reporting limits).

Thomas fire cloud recognised by UN on 3/22 this year

December 12, 2017By Patrick Roddiecommentary, fire, video No Comments

Pyrocumulus, the fire cloud that looks like a volcanic eruption and engulfed Ventura County yesterday, was officially recognised by the UN’s World Meteorological Organization on March 22nd this year. Cumulus flammagenitus “also known by the unofficial, common name, ‘pyrocumulus’” became part of the WMO’s New International Cloud Atlas.

Thomas Fire resembles pyroclastic flow

December 11, 2017By Patrick Roddiedirected energy, video No Comments

An image I found on Twitter showed the Thomas Fire generating plumes that resembled a pyroclastric flow – as seen in volcanic eruptions and when the World Trade Center towers were turned into dust on 9/11.

SSU-040 – Last American Vagabond

December 7, 2017By Patrick Roddiegeopolitics, interview, podcast No Comments

Ryan Christian and I discuss social engineering and geopolitics, including Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Recorded December 7, 2017.

SSU-039 – On Technology with Afreekan Southwell

November 25, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

Are we too dependent on technology? Can we live without it? In my second interview with Afreekan Southwell, I discuss the current state of our technological dependence and where technology companies are leading us. This was broadcast to the Virgin Islands over People’s Station 1320AM November 25, 2017.