SF Chemtrails Protest

At our latest chemtrail/geoengineering protest (educational outreach?) outside San Francisco City Hall, we were fortunate enough to meet an open minded intelligent man who listened to the evidence of the global geoengineering program, the patents, funding and shills who make it all possible. Luckily for us, the scumbags had provided show and tell in the form of a chemically ruined sky above our heads.

SF Chemtrails Protest

In our latest bi-monthly street action, Bay Area residents protested the planetary geoengineering program (chemtrails) to refreshingly well-informed and intelligent people outside San Francisco City Hall.

Come join us on the last Wednesday of every month on the Van Ness side of SF City Hall from 11am onwards and every second Saturday at the San Francisco Ferry Building from noon onwards. Bring signs, DVDs, fliers, whatever – you’ll be in good company!

Alan Watt on chemtrails, Calderia

As news of our confrontation spreads, the excellent Alan Watt discussed Caldeira and geoengineering on his May 16th Cutting Through the Matrix broadcast.

Listen here:-

More coverage at aircrap.com, disclose.tv, One World Chronicle, Before It’s News, OilfreeFun and Intellihub.

We also exchanged Tweets:

Tweet exchange with @KenCaldiera

The above video shows our first encounter.

Geoengineer discussed poisoning the sky

Geoengineer Ken Caldeira discussed spraying chemicals in our skies to “blunt the worst effects of global warming.” But when confronted (at 4:40) he was forced to admit there has been no global warming for at least 17 years (“it has leveled off”) and that when he worked at a nuclear weapons lab, he discussed poisoning the sky, “putting pathogens in a cloud” to “rain down on your enemy and do chemical and germ warfare.” But he assured us there was no reason for concern.

SF Chemtrails Protest

In our second monthly protest, Bay Area residents protested the planetary geoengineering program (chemtrails) to receptive crowds at San Francisco City Hall and the nearby farmers market on United Nations Plaza.

Come join us at SF City Hall at 11am on the last Wednesday of every month.