Even though CA governor Jerry Brown calls December wildfires “very odd and unusual,” he added that they were “the new normal.”

What he failed to mention was the blatant EMF activity offshore and weird phenomena such as destroyed granite countertops, toilets, bathtubs and melted glass and aluminum – while trees remain untouched mere feet away. Looks a lot like directed energy deployment to me.

NASA satellite link.

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  • Some of the photos appear to be from the Santa Rosa fires. I did not read about granite counter tops destroyed but it would not surprise me seeing glass melted, houses disintegrated cars incinerated. What ever method used to create this instant intense heat was deliberate. People like Dr Judy Wood is walking away from mentioning microwave or energy weapons. I have not really seen much imagery of the latest fires and it seems corporate media are very careful of revealing any filming that will appear unusual. Although watching some corporate media I saw a very short filming of nothing left of houses. The December fires showed more trees and bushes burning. I have a hunch authorities are very careful, sacrificed more trees and bushes, corporate media were more specialized in their filming not to reveal a smoking gun anomalies.

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