Titanium was found at three times reporting limits in Oregon rain.

Rainwater collected November 12 & 14, 2016 in Chiloquin, OR, tested positive for both titanium and iron – metals geoengineers propose spraying us with. The November 12th sample contained 37μg/L of iron (almost twice reporting limits) and 1.7μg/L of titanium (more than three times reporting limits). The November 14th sample contained 21μg/L of iron and 1.1μg/L of titanium – more than double reporting limits. In both samples, aluminum, barium & strontium were below reporting limits.



Here are full pdf reports for the November 12 and November 14 tests.


  • wow, that seems rather bizarre.
    I don’t recall anybody saying that iron or titanium was in chemtrails. I wonder if those are thrust up into the air from volcanoes and there was one upwind from you that caused it.

  • Since ‘Reporting Limits’ refers to the minimum amt the lab can detect and does not refer to any maximum or natural expectation, that the report text be updated to reflect that. As is it scares people because it misleads folks to think there is an incredible amt of something when the lab analysis does not provide any benchmarks on max levels at all.

    • Wrong – the minimum amount the lab can detect is called the Method Detection Limit or MDL. If you read the full pdf or contacted McCampbell you’d know this.

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