In a wide ranging interview with Peter Crawford Valentino, I discuss how the dramatic increase in the spraying program corresponds with the mass awakening of the population.

I detail my activism against the scumbags who are openly implementing global tyranny and depopulation. I explain the process of my awakening and how we are winning this spiritual war.

Here are the links referenced in the interview:-


  • We havegotmassive chemtrails going on in remote country victoria destroying the beautiful blue sky. We have drought here & im sure that TPTB & their evil chemtrails are responsible for it.
    I don’t believe ANYTHNG the govt or our media says any more!
    They have proven themselves to be absolute compulsive liars.
    I’ve had to find my own truth that makes a lot more sense than their constant BS.they don’t even lie very well.
    I’m sick of this horrible ectoplasm like goo they are spreading over our beautiful sky & our health too.
    May it all fall back on THEM!

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