Metals below reporting limits in Oregon snow

December 15, 2016By Patrick Roddierainwater analysis No Comments

No metals were found above reporting limits in snow collected December 15th, 2016, in Chiloquin Oregon. Shills argue that it’s normal to have high levels of these metals. If that’s the case, why is there such massive variability? A recent test revealed titanium at forty times reporting limits.

Titanium 40x, iron 13x, aluminum 7x, barium 2x reporting limits in Chiloquin rain

December 4, 2016By Patrick RoddieFeatured, rainwater analysis 14 Comments

Massive amounts of the toxic metals proposed to be sprayed on us by geoengineer David Keith were found in Chiloquin rainwater one day after intense spraying filled the skies over the southern Oregon city.

Aluminum 4x reporting limits in Sacramento rain

October 14, 2016By Patrick Roddierainwater analysis 4 Comments

Rainwater collected by William Abrams October 14th, 2016 in Sacramento, CA, tested positive for aluminum at 200μg/L – four times reporting limits. Here’s a pdf of the full report. If you’ve had your rainwater analyzed, please send the results to me and I’ll publish them. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it: