Manufacturing hurricanes

Here are some videos I posted detailing the obvious manipulation of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose.

Is Irma being helped?

Is Jose being helped?

Massive spraying over Irma

Still Spraying Irma

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  1. There must be huge energy devices along the ocean in locations. Also something that can cause a billowing as if creating precipitation. I have followed irma coming in and hitting mainland but been steered North. Joe seems to have been zapped and killed. I did see some tell tale signs of Irma been assisted and then later been manipulated to make a North turn. Now we have hurricane Maria makingdo its hit on mainland but seeming to head straight west. I do not have much experience looking at whether maps and look for the obvious manipulation be it from emf microwave frequency or perhaps newer technology from outer space or antarctic that I know little of. Looking at the Irma video I struggle to see any clouds at all.
    What happens when all air flights come to a halt. It was before 2010 when the new prime minister Tony Abbott sacked 800 csiro scientists. The scientists were getting vocal and stating we are losing our clouds.

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