Satellite imagery proves the “bomb cyclone”  – the East Coast’s most extreme storm in decades –  was manipulated by land based EMF transmitters.

Images and video from NASA Worldview, NOAA GOES-16 and more show tell-tale ripples throughout the storm.

Meteorologists deployed the new term “bomb cyclone” (explosive cyclogenesis) to describe the winter hurricane caused by a massive and rapid fall in air pressure. New York suffered its coldest New Year in a century and parts of Florida saw their first settling snow in decades – extreme weather which will be used to further the technocratic agenda.

In the above video, I show that EMF pulses from land based transmitters west of Wilmington NC are visible in the radar image published by NBC News.

Significant aerosol delivery and EMF pulses in East Coast “Bomb Cyclone,” 1-4-18 (NASA Worldview).

The above loop from NOAA’s GOES-16 satellite January 4, 2018, shows significant EMF activity enhancing the storm


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