SSU-026 – Red Pill Report

May 27, 2017podcast

I was interviewed by Andrew Drapper of the UK’s Red Pill Report May 22nd. In it we cover the basics of the spraying, including the human health impacts and the spiritual aspect of this war on all life on Earth.

SSU-025 – Portland Chemtrail Summit speech

May 7, 2017podcast

In my speech to the Portland Chemtrail Summit at Hoffman Hall, PSU, 5-7-17, I outlined my plan to prove how many people are dying from the covert spraying program – and share their names.

SSU-024 – Ground Zero Radio

February 3, 2017podcast

As Clyde Lewis’ guest on Ground Zero Radio, 2-3-17, I addressed the massive increase in spraying operations and the devastating health effects it’s causing.

SSU-023 – Triumph over Targeting

January 12, 2017podcast

As a guest on Eyerly Felder’s Triumph over Targeting on January 12, 2017, I discussed the massive ramping up of the spraying program and it’s devastating health effects. For example, dementia (including Alzheimers) has overtaken cancer, heart attack and stroke to become the number one killer in the UK. Edited for length – full talk … Read More