Gotta love the First Amendment

November 16, 2014activism, video

When I was handing out chemtrail awareness fliers outside a Green Festival in San Francisco’s Fort Mason, park officials and police claimed I was breaking the law by doing so. They quoted a clearly unconstitutional park policy, saying I’d have to stop handing out fliers, move out of the park or get cited and arrested. … Read More

EPA protest

March 22, 2014activism, protest

The EPA conveniently stopped testing for airborne aluminum (a major component of chemtrails) in 2002 as the worldwide geoengineering program ramped up into high gear. Aluminum is listed in several geoengineering patents and extremely high levels are found in lab tests for rainwater, tree bark, snow, groundwater and human hair. Since the EPA refuses to … Read More

SF Chemtrails Protest

November 27, 2013activism, video

At our latest chemtrail/geoengineering protest (educational outreach?) outside San Francisco City Hall, we were fortunate enough to meet an open minded intelligent man who listened to the evidence of the global geoengineering program, the patents, funding and shills who make it all possible. Luckily for us, the scumbags had provided show and tell in the … Read More

SF Chemtrails Protest

September 25, 2013activism, video

In our latest bi-monthly street action, Bay Area residents protested the planetary geoengineering program (chemtrails) to refreshingly well-informed and intelligent people outside San Francisco City Hall. Come join us on the last Wednesday of every month on the Van Ness side of SF City Hall from 11am onwards and every second Saturday at the San … Read More

Alan Watt on chemtrails, Calderia

May 17, 2013commentary

As news of our confrontation spreads, the excellent Alan Watt discussed Caldeira and geoengineering on his May 16th Cutting Through the Matrix broadcast. Listen here:- More coverage at,, One World Chronicle, Before It’s News, OilfreeFun and Intellihub. We also exchanged Tweets: The above video shows our first encounter.