Aluminum 4x reporting limits in Sacramento rain

October 14, 2016rainwater analysis

Rainwater collected by William Abrams October 14th, 2016 in Sacramento, CA, tested positive for aluminum at 200μg/L – four times reporting limits. Here’s a pdf of the full report. If you’ve had your rainwater analyzed, please send the results to me and I’ll publish them. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it:

Rain analysis matches geoengineering proposal

October 13, 2016geoengineers, rainwater analysis

Rainwater collected in Chiloquin, OR, tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed by geoengineer David Keith – aluminum (84μg/L), barium (6.3μg/L), titanium (3.7μg/L) and iron (57μg/L). This follows news that human brains are saturated with nano-magnetite, also proposed to be sprayed by Dr. Keith.

Aluminum 460μg/L, titanium 46x reporting levels in Chiloquin rain. Lead & arsenic also found.

September 22, 2016rainwater analysis

Rainwater collected in Chiloquin, OR on September 22th, 2016 tested positive for aluminum at 460μg/L, arsenic at 1.4μg/L barium at 34μg/L, lead at 5.8μg/L, strontium at 20μg/L and titanium at 23μg/L – 46 times reporting limits.

Titanium 3x reporting limits in Chiloquin rain

May 30, 2016rainwater analysis

Titanium was found at three times reporting limits in rain collected May 30, 2107 in Chiloquin, OR. iron was also above reporting limits. Titanium was measured at 1.5μg/L (RL 0.5μg/L), iron at 29μg/L (RL 20μg/L), while aluminum, barium & strontium were below reporting limits at 33μg/L (RL 50μg/L), 2.2μg/L (RL 5μg/L) and 2.8μg/L (RL 20μg/L) … Read More

Aluminum 4700μg/L, barium 64μg/L & strontium 44μg/L in Sacramento rain

May 5, 2016rainwater analysis

Aluminum was found at almost 100 times reporting limits – an astonishing 4,700μg/L – in Sacramento rain collected May 5th, 2016. Lisa DeFinis writes “This sample was collected on 5/5/16 at approximately 10AM in Sacramento, CA, by the airport. We had just suffered 2 days of extremely heavy spraying and it was raining and hailing … Read More

Aluminum 230μg/L, barium 92μg/L in Phoenix rain

April 10, 2016rainwater analysis

That Phoenix, AZ gets heavily sprayed is no surprise to anyone who lives there and looks up, but here’s yet more proof: 230 micrograms per liter of aluminum per liter in the rain falling on the city April 10th, with barium at 92μg/L. This was sent to me by someone who wants to help expose … Read More

Strontium 66μg/L, barium 14μg/L in Sierra snowmelt

April 4, 2016rainwater analysis

I collected snow melt from a mountain stream in Strawberry, CA, 5,325 feet above sea level on April 4th, 2016. When I sent it for analysis, it came back with strontium at 66μg/L and barium at 14μg/L. Other metals were below reporting limits. Here’s a link to the full pdf of the report: 2016-4-4 And … Read More