I had a wonderful interview with Dave Cruz May 18th in which I recapped the evidence I presented at the Tuscon Chemtrail Summit and went into more depth on how we will prevail by choosing – and acting on – awesomeness.

Dave’s website is http://beyondthestrange.com

In the first 40 minutes of our talk, I prove we are being sprayed with aluminum and that it’s responsible for the Alzheimer’s epidemic. I also show how any one of us can stop David Keith’s plan to release alumina over Tuscon with a preventive injunction and let class action lawyers take the Foundations – and ultimately the airlines and entire aluminum industry – to the cleaners. I also explain how we can protect ourselves from aluminum with silicic acid – the soluble form of silicon. It’s in Fiji water, for example.

The bulk of my talk is how we identify, understand and defeat all the crap from the other side, spiritually. We need to be able to recognize awesomeness and it’s opposite and choose between them. By ridding ourselves of all things crappy we become more clear, focused and powerful. Our side is about creation, theirs is destruction. We need to understand that and act accordingly.


  • Quero colaborar,me informando,e difundindo,as soluçoes,e comprovaçáo de que estamos sendo “fumigados!”com metaes pesados,grato por difundir e explicar !!!!!

  • Informational Purposes only, For protection against “Alzheimer’s ….!

    Take ( 3 ) Table Spoons of “Organic Coconut Oil” -refined , One & half table spoons in the morning & one & half table spoons in the evening everyday…….! It will both prevent it or Cure it…….!

    For dealing with the Nano-Metal Particles , take ( 2 ) tea-spoons of ‘Rumford” Baking Powder, in a 16oz glass of Alkaline Water – 10ph level…… ( 1 ) tea spoon in the morning & ( 1 ) one in the evening…..Everyday .
    This will “Absorb” the Metal’s & help fight against Cancer……!

  • What is this idiot talking about? Nobody is spraying this stuff anywhere yet so how can it be causing Alzheimer’s?

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