SSU-044 – Legal strategies against chemtrails

Can we stop chemtrails/ geoengineering through the legal system? I interviewed Dr. Wil Burns PhD, co-executive director of the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment, American University to find out if there were any legal pathways for the public to stop a toxic geoengineering program.

Dr. Burns has a PhD in international environmental law and generously shared his time and expertise as we discussed different potential legal challenges to the deployment of solar radiation management techniques.

Seems that international treaties can only be enforced by states – we are not states – but we could take actions against individuals and corporations for personal injury torts.

Dr. Burns recognized the difficulties which would be faced by individuals bringing lawsuits against corporations and government agencies, but welcomed a full throated discussion on potential SRM deployment, because once in place “they may have to be maintained for hundreds of years … or a thousand.”

Despite the flaws of the political process, we the people still have influence on our elected representatives and must not completely abandon the political route.

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  1. I work with Matt Landman of Actual Activists ( and we just held our Tucson Summit today…

    My objective now is to find a way to stop David Keith from releasing his balloon here…using the legal system…I’ve been trying to learn if he needs a permit for it…if so, which level of government would handle it…which agency would have authority over it…City, County, State, FAA? Once I have these answers I want to file an injunction against him…maybe even a lawsuit (class action) to prevent him from doing it…the Tucson Community has been kept in the dark about this and now that we have alerted people with our Summit and live streaming it’s logical to take the next step…I met several people today who want to help…

    We need your expertise on this matter…Thank you…

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