I’m extremely grateful that San Francisco’s SF Weekly had the courage to publish a cover story on chemtrails this week. As far as I know, this is the very first time a mainstream publication has discussed both sides of the issue without dismissing it as just some wacky conspiracy theory. Kudos to the paper and it’s new managing editor, Jeremy Lybarger who penned the article.

Of course I would have written it differently, but the job of a journalist isn’t to make people happy, it’s to report the news fairly.

While I would have preferred not to be painted as having “followers” – I’m no fan of groups and feel activists should all do their own thing as their consciences dictate – it laid out my concerns about the spraying and even caught uber-shill Mick West in a lie.

60,000 copies were distributed around the SF Bay Area – plus who knows how many online views. The timing was perfect, while we still have until August 31st to submit public comment to the EPA about the geoengineering program. I had a feeling the scumbags would lay off the spraying while the paper was in newsracks, but while they laid low through Saturday, they came back with a vengeance Sunday covering the San Francisco sky with evidence of their crime.


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