San Francisco rainfall tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed on us by geoengineer David Keith. Dr. Keith wrote in 2010 that we should be sprayed with engineered nanodiscs made of aluminum, barium, titanium and iron. All four were present in rain collected March 12, 2018, as well as sulfur and strontium, two other elements which have been “proposed” as solar radiation management agents.

NELAP-certified lab, McCampbell Analytical found aluminum at 42μg/L, barium at 4μg/L, strontium at 4.4μg/L titanium at 2.6μg/L, iron at 43μg/L and sulfur at 310μg/L.

Here’s a pdf of the full report..

Sulfur found at 310μg/L in San Francisco rainwater. Al, Ba, Ti, Sr & Fe also present.


  • Thank you for posting these lab results. It would be nice to know what the normal historical range was for these elements in rainwater, if they were even present at all. #WeDoNotConsent

  • Just putting numbers up there doesn’t tell much.
    What does each column mean?
    What are the acceptable limits?
    How much chance from last report?
    How much change in last year? Last 5 years? Last 10 years?
    C’mon, quit the scare tactics on your contrails conspiracy!

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