For the second time in two weeks, rainwater collected in Chiloquin, OR, October 24th tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed on us by geoengineer, David Keith:- aluminum (64μg/L), barium (5.6μg/L), titanium (2.5μg/L) and iron (41μg/L). Similar levels were recorded October 13th. This follows news that human brains are saturated with nano-magnetite, also proposed to be sprayed by Dr. Keith.

In his 2010 paper, “Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering,” Keith (@DKeithClimate) proposes spraying us with engineered nano-discs made of aluminum, barium, titanium and iron – all four metals were present in the rain samples collected 10-13-16 and 10-24-16. Here’s a pdf of the full report.

Here’s a diagram of Dr. Keith’s toxic nano-discs:



And here he is avoiding questions of aluminum toxicity:


  • Hi Patrick – just listened to your interview with Peter Crawford Valentino – awesome stuff, thank you!
    Please could you let me know where I can obtain expert opinion on rainwater heavy metal tests and what should or should not be in rainwater? I have had tests done which show up aluminium, strontium and barium but am struggling to find properly documented scientific data giving stated levels.
    Thanks very much, I really appreciate it.
    Sarah Kalell, South Africa

  • You found those elements because those are the only ones you looked for. You got those ratios because that’s roughly how common they are.'s_crust

    If those disks were being sprayed you’d see them very easily under a microscope all around the world after evaporating some rainwater.

    You also need to look up what the “reporting limit” actually is. It’s the lowest accurately measurable amount. So most of your elements there are barely measurable.

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