There’s a concerted effort to reach international agreement on geoengineering “research” and include it in the UN’s Climate Conference declaration in December. The National Academy of Sciences has already endorsed it . We don’t want world leaders to do likewise.

Our last chance to stop this will also be in Paris this July, at the final major climate conference before COP21, “Our Common Future Under Climate Change.

It’s the last “major opportunity for scientists, stakeholders and the larger public, to … prepare for an ambitious post 2015 climate governance regime … the question has shifted from reasons for action to the form action has to take.”

Those “actions” will include legitimizing geoengineering – unless we stop them.

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I’m Patrick Roddie, a San Francisco based chemtrails/geoengineering activist and researcher with a background in physics, journalism and photography . I’ve been documenting and fighting this murderous program for years and I need your help to get me to the Paris Climate Conference and help derail plans to legalize it.

I’m scientifically literate and not afraid to confront geoengineering front men like Ken Caldeira. You may have seen my video when I challenged him three times on his discussions to “put pathogens in the clouds” at a Government weapons lab.

I’m also bringing a paper to the conference; “Human Health Impacts of Proposed Geoengineering Solutions” which I intend to get into the hands of hundreds of scientists and policy makers unaware of the documented and devastating health effects of the nano-particulate aluminum and barium we’re being sprayed with daily. Respiratory failure recently overtook stroke to be the third leading cause of death , for example.

I’ll be joined by fellow activists, Max Bliss , Alexandra May Hunter . Olga Raffa, Terry Lawton and others.

Paris Climate Conference

Your support will cover the substantial costs of travel, conference registration, accommodation, printing and more. Paris in July isn’t cheap.

Alternatively, to avoid the GoFundMe deduction (about 8%) you can mail checks, money orders or cash wrapped in aluminum foil to:

Patrick Roddie
1935 Franklin Street #603
San Francisco, CA 94109-3466

(You can also help fund my chemtrail activism for free by telling brides to be about my photography. I’m one of the best photographers I know (of course I’m biased), and travel worldwide for destination weddings.)

Let’s win this thing!

Patrick Roddie

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