Apologies for taking so long to fill you in on the Paris conference – things have been really picking up steam since you last heard from me.

First of all, we nailed it – and I couldn’t have done it without your generous help. I thank you deeply for helping drive a stake into the heart of this evil program.

The paper I brought was a huge success. I got it into the hands of 700 of the 2,000 attendees at the conference.

My BFF, Ken Caldeira, didn’t dare show his face at the opening reception, didn’t mention geoengineering *once* in his hour-long panel discussion on “solutions for climate change,” repeatedly refused to address my paper and scurried away each time I tried to talk to him. Seems he’s finally listening to the advice of his handlers.

The only time geoengineering was mentioned all week was at a small session off campus in a hard to find room – and even then they skimmed over it in 20 minutes.

So I think we can safely say they won’t try to insert geoengineering language in the December IPCC declaration. I’ll count that as a win. That’s not to say they won’t try to slip it in later when nobody’s watching. All the more reason to stay vigilant.

After Paris, I, Michael Murphy and Lexie Hunter went down to the awesome Max Bliss’s place in the south of France where we did some interviews and filming. When I get time I’ll post them to my YouTube channel.

But before I left Max’s, I found out via Jim Lee about the EPA public hearing on aircraft pollution, which I’m sure you already know about. Max and I finished out the testimony and even if I do say so myself, we killed it. Video of my testimony was picked up by Activist Post, Global Research and many others and has more than 11,000 views.

Public comment on the EPA proposal is open until August 31st, so please follow this link to make your voice heard.

A much more detailed report from Paris was put together by Olga Raffa – you can read it here.


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