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I’m extremely grateful that San Francisco’s SF Weekly had the courage to publish a cover story on chemtrails this week. As far as I know, this is the very first time a mainstream publication has discussed both sides of the issue without dismissing it as just some wacky conspiracy theory. Kudos to the paper and it’s new managing editor, Jeremy Lybarger who penned the article.

Of course I would have written it differently, but the job of a journalist isn’t to make people happy, it’s to report the news fairly.

While I would have preferred not to be painted as having “followers” – I’m no fan of groups and feel activists should all do their own thing as their consciences dictate – it laid out my concerns about the spraying and even caught uber-shill Mick West in a lie.

60,000 copies were distributed around the SF Bay Area – plus who knows how many online views. The timing was perfect, while we still have until August 31st to submit public comment to the EPA about the geoengineering program. I had a feeling the scumbags would lay off the spraying while the paper was in newsracks, but while they laid low through Saturday, they came back with a vengeance Sunday covering the San Francisco sky with evidence of their crime.


SSU-004 – Collective Consciousness Show

My interview on the Collective Consciousness Show, August 20th, 2015.

“In Other News” with Geoff Brady

On the day before I flew out to testify at the EPA, I was interviewed by Geoff Brady, the Pacifica Radio journalist who caught Ken Caldeira admitting he discussed “putting pathogens in a cloud to do chemical and germ warfare” at a meeting in a government weapons lab.

It was broadcast over the air on August 14th, 2015 on Pacifica Radio, WBAI 99.5 New York and later on WLLP, WKXC, and Dark Matter Radio.

It’s one of my best interviews to date – and the powers that be noticed. Within days his site was sabotaged with a sophisticated attack, destroying years of data.

SSU-003 – In Other News with Geoff Brady

Just before leaving to testify at the EPA, I had the honor of being interviewed by Geoff Brady for his over the air radio show, “In Other News.” Geoff was the Pacifica Radio reporter who recorded Ken Caldeira uttering the damning “pathogens in a cloud to do chemical and germ warfare” quote.

SSU-002 – EPA Testimony On Aircraft Pollution

My testimony to the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC, on proposals to regulate aircraft pollution. I proved how the covert spraying program is killing millions and put them on notice: “Do your job. History will judge you on your actions and inactions.”

EPA testimony on aircraft pollution

Public hearing on “Proposed Finding that Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aircraft Cause or Contribute to Air Pollution that May Reasonably be Anticipated to Endanger Public Health and Welfare and Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking”
Environmental Protection Agency, William Jefferson Clinton East Building, Washington DC, August 11th, 2015


Public comment on this issue closes 8/31/15. Click here to add your voice.


My name’s Patrick Roddie, I’m a San Francisco-based anti-geoengineering activist and researcher who runs StopSprayingUs-SF.com

Today’s hearing is supposed to address whether greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft endanger public health. When you mention greenhouse gas, most people think of carbon dioxide – a trace gas essential to all life on earth.

But CO2 represents just 3% of the planet’s greenhouse gas – 95% of it is water. Even preschoolers know overcast skies make the nights warmer and days cooler. Clouds insulate, trapping heat and reducing the temperature range from the night’s lows to the day’s highs.

Which brings me to persistent contrails. All but the willfully ignorant know our skies have changed dramatically over the past few decades. The dark blue skies of our childhood have been replaced with a milky white haze, criss-crossed with fast expanding persistent contrails, stretching from horizon to horizon and spreading out to cover the sky. These trails can stretch for thousands of miles and can be seen by anyone visiting NASA.gov. These trails persist regardless of altitude, temperature, humidity or other atmospheric conditions. Persistent contrails used to be rare, but have now become an everyday phenomenon all over the world. If physics hasn’t changed, what has?

So what makes these trails form, persist for hours and stretch thousands of miles? Which condensation nuclei are they forming on and are these harmful to human health?

Geoengineers propose spraying tens of millions of tons of reflective particles into the atmosphere in an attempt to reflect sunlight back into space and reduce global warming. This is known as Solar Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection or Albedo Modification. This process, patented by defense contractor Raytheon, is quite simple. Tiny particles sprayed from jets would act as condensation nuclei, attracting atmospheric water vapor to form persistent artificially nucleated contrails which would then spread out to form artificial cirrus cloud cover.

When geoengineers discuss Solar Radiation Management in public, the only substances they say they’d consider spraying are sulfates or sulfuric acid. However, their own literature concludes that sulfates have limited effectiveness and that highly toxic nano particles of aluminum and barium should be used instead. And when confronted, they doggedly refuse to address the human health impacts of their proposals. Other geoengineers are more candid about their plans to poison the sky. Stanford’s Ken Caldeira admitted in 2006 that he discussed putting pathogens in clouds to wage chemical and germ warfare on civilian populations when he worked at a government weapons lab. It’s no surprise the public doubts these scientists have their best interests at heart.

Last month I brought this paper to the Paris Climate Conference addressing the adverse human health effects of proposed geoengineering solutions. I formally request it be entered into the record. It documents the dramatic increase of Alzheimer’s and respiratory failure since the 1990s when persistent contrails became commonplace around the world. I conclude that these persistent contrails are in fact artificially nucleated with the toxic particulate metals outlined in Raytheon’s patent and that a Solar Radiation Management program has been deployed since at least the 1990s.

Weather modification research is nothing new; the earliest patent dates back to 1920. Raytheon’s patent proposes reducing global warming by injecting aluminum, thorium and other metallic oxides in the 10-100 micron range into the stratosphere using jet exhaust.

The US Navy patented another delivery method which forms artificially nucleated contrails from metal oxides with a 0.3 micron particle size. Other methods include airships, rockets, chimneys and slurry pipes.

The best known proponent of Solar Radiation Management is Dr David Keith. He told the 2010 annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science that aluminum oxide has four times the volumetric radiative forcing for small particles as does sulfur and 16 times less the coagulation rate. Sulfur particles stick together and quickly fall out of the stratosphere and are much less effective per unit mass. He also said a nano fabrication study proved it was very simple to spray high quality alumina particles from a plane by injecting alumina vapor into the exhaust.

His 2010 paper, “Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering,” proposes spraying 50nm thick discs of aluminum, barium, titanium and ferrite instead of sulfates.

Pope et al also concluded aluminum nano particles were much more effective than sulfates in a 2010 perspective in Nature Climate Change.

The Material Safety Data Sheet for nano particulate aluminum oxide states it’s an irritant to the respiratory system, is implicated in Alzheimer’s disease, can cause pulmonary disease, tumors and neoplasms and should also not be released into the environment without proper governmental permits.

Alzheimer’s disease rose to the 6th leading cause of death in the US from the 8th between 1999 and 2013. In 1994, it didn’t even make the top ten. Now people in their 20s are showing signs of Alzheimer’s.

Research shows that aluminum accumulates in the brain, bones and kidneys, is a neurotoxin, accelerates brain aging, increases oxidative stress and inflammation of the brain and is seven times more bioavailable when inhaled than when ingested orally

Barium is much deadlier. According to its Material Safety Data Sheet, exposure to barium salts can cause pulmonary arrest, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsive tremors, muscular paralysis, shock, convulsions and sudden cardiac failure. Barium targets the cardiovascular, nervous, gastrointestinal, hematology, respiratory, reproductive and renal systems as well as the adrenal glands and liver. It is also an irritant to the skin and eyes and should not be released into the environment.

In 2011, respiratory failure overtook stroke to become the third leading cause of death in the United States, at a time when smoking was at an all-time low, emissions standards on vehicles and power plants were at their strictest and heavy industry had relocated to China.

Hundreds of scientific papers thoroughly prove the toxicity of both aluminum and barium – ­ it would take days to cover a fraction of the proof.

According to EPA, particulate pollution can cause early death from heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It also causes asthma and inflammation of lung tissue and may cause cancer, reproductive and developmental harm. Particulate pollution can lower life expectancy by one to three years.

Water and ice have refractive indices of 1.333 and 1.309 respectively and produce rainbows with an angular radius of 42 degrees, centered on the antisolar point.

But in recent years a formerly rare phenomenon has become commonplace, a 21 degree halo completely encircling the sun. Some argue that these halos or “incredibly rare sun dogs” are formed by ice crystals, but nothing can change the refractive index of water or ice ­- which form 42 degree halos. Metal salts have a higher refractive index and therefore form much tighter halos. Crystalline aluminum oxide, for example, has a refractive index of 1.762-1.778 while barium sulfate has a refractive index of 1.636.

My contention that these “incredibly rare sun dogs” are formed by metal salts with a higher refractive index than water is reinforced by rainwater analysis taken during a 30 day period when I recorded 21 of these halos in March/April 2015. I collected rainwater in clean glass bowls on the roof of my San Francisco apartment building on April 5th, 2015, six thousand miles downwind from the nearest factory, power plant, refinery, freeway, quarry or mine. I sent it to a NELAP certified lab and they recorded barium at a staggering 160 micrograms per liter. Less than a gram will kill an adult human.

An earlier test of rainwater collected in January 2014 recorded aluminum at 190 micrograms per liter. I submit both these rainwater tests into the record.

San Francisco’s air should be pristine: we get prevailing winds from the Pacific Ocean. Why is it left to concerned citizens to pay for our own rainwater analysis – and why did EPA stop publishing data on airborne aluminum in 2002? Let me take this opportunity to formally submit a freedom of information request for EPA to release the historical results of metal levels in our air and rainwater from the 1980s to the present.

I have recorded hundreds of time-lapse videos showing the progression of these persistent contrails since 2011. Thousands of others worldwide have also documented the alarming increase of these persistent contrails and been met with deafening silence from supposedly green organizations like Greenpeace – ­ a proud partner in the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative ­ – and all governmental agencies, including the EPA.

Your mandate is to protect the environment, especially the air we breathe. I wouldn’t expect you to admit the existence of a program as covert as the Manhattan Project – even one blatantly obvious to an increasingly aware and outraged populace – but when a geoengineering program is causing millions of premature deaths a year you must do more than pass the buck back and forth between other three letter agencies.

Do your job. History will judge you on your actions – and inaction.


SSU-001 – In the Garden with Max Bliss

After the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, chemtrail/geoengineering activists Max Bliss and Patrick Roddie recorded hours of conversation in Max’s garden.

In the Garden with Max Bliss

After the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, chemtrail/geoengineering activists Max Bliss and Patrick Roddie recorded hours of conversation in Max’s garden. Bookmark this page; I’ll add a new video daily. Continue reading “In the Garden with Max Bliss”

Geoengineer evasive on health risks of spraying

Geoengineer Alan Robock was evasive about the health impacts of “proposals” to spray us with nanoparticulate aluminium and barium Continue reading “Geoengineer evasive on health risks of spraying”

Aluminum 15,430μg/L, barium 850μg/L in Perugia, Italy rainwater

Aluminum clocked in at an astonishing 15,430μg/L – 300x reporting limits – in rain collected in Italy last June, with barium at 850μg/L, the highest result I’ve ever seen. Unsurprisingly, Italy’s death rate shot up more than 11% last year. [Note: this Italian lab reports its results in milligrams per liter. There are 1,000 micrograms in a milligram.]

Marinella Giulietti writes:-

Dear Mr Roddie, I would like to send you here enclosed the results of the rain water analysis as well as the photo of the event relevant to June 19th, 2015. The sample was collected during a violent storm in a village near Perugia, in the centre of Italy. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Our local agency for the protection of the environment as well as the local administration were duly informed but they did not do anything. I do appreciate the indication of the reporting limit. We do not have it in Italy and it is very difficult for a citizen to have access to these official data.

Italy has been heavily under assault for nearly 7 years now and the situation is getting worse and worse. Last April 23 we organized a conference to make people aware of what is going on now. The task is very tough since awareness is becoming a “rare privilege”.
Our blog community is: www.facebook.com/ScieChimicheUmbriaItalia

Your comments will be welcomed.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Best Regards,

Marinella Giulietti

Here’s a photo of the toxic storm:

And here’s the test result:-
italy results

And here’s the NASA satellite image of Italy the day of the storm:-
Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.52.47 PM

Aluminum 68μg/L, barium 5.5μg/L in SF rain

Rainwater collected in San Francisco on June 10th, 2015 tested positive for aluminum at 68μg/L and barium at 5.5μg/L.

Here’s the pdf of the full report: 2015-06-10

Interview on the Collective Consciousness Show

I was honored to be a guest on American Underground Network‘s Collective Consciousness show last night, talking for hours about the spraying program and our hopes to derail international agreement on geoengineering research at the Paris Climate Conference in July.

Click the “play” button below to listen.

You can hear the entire interview here.

I was also pleased to hear I was mentioned on Coast to Coast radio on May 27th by fellow chemtrails researcher, Peter Kirby. You can hear the pertinent clip by clicking the play button below:-

I’m still raising money for the Paris Climate Conference in July – you can help me get there by going to my GoFundMe page.


Help me get to the Paris Climate Conference!

There’s a concerted effort to reach international agreement on geoengineering “research” and include it in the UN’s Climate Conference declaration in December. The National Academy of Sciences has already endorsed it . We don’t want world leaders to do likewise.

Our last chance to stop this will also be in Paris this July, at the final major climate conference before COP21, “Our Common Future Under Climate Change.

It’s the last “major opportunity for scientists, stakeholders and the larger public, to … prepare for an ambitious post 2015 climate governance regime … the question has shifted from reasons for action to the form action has to take.”

Those “actions” will include legitimizing geoengineering – unless we stop them.

Click here to donate!

I’m Patrick Roddie, a San Francisco based chemtrails/geoengineering activist and researcher with a background in physics, journalism and photography . I’ve been documenting and fighting this murderous program for years and I need your help to get me to the Paris Climate Conference and help derail plans to legalize it.

I’m scientifically literate and not afraid to confront geoengineering front men like Ken Caldeira. You may have seen my video when I challenged him three times on his discussions to “put pathogens in the clouds” at a Government weapons lab.

I’m also bringing a paper to the conference; “Human Health Impacts of Proposed Geoengineering Solutions” which I intend to get into the hands of hundreds of scientists and policy makers unaware of the documented and devastating health effects of the nano-particulate aluminum and barium we’re being sprayed with daily. Respiratory failure recently overtook stroke to be the third leading cause of death , for example.

I’ll be joined by fellow activists, Max Bliss , Alexandra May Hunter . Olga Raffa, Terry Lawton and others.

Paris Climate Conference

Your support will cover the substantial costs of travel, conference registration, accommodation, printing and more. Paris in July isn’t cheap.

Alternatively, to avoid the GoFundMe deduction (about 8%) you can mail checks, money orders or cash wrapped in aluminum foil to:

Patrick Roddie
1935 Franklin Street #603
San Francisco, CA 94109-3466

(You can also help fund my chemtrail activism for free by telling brides to be about my photography. I’m one of the best photographers I know (of course I’m biased), and travel worldwide for destination weddings.)

Let’s win this thing!

Patrick Roddie


Geoengineer keeps “forgetting” he discussed poisoning our sky

Geoengineering pitch man, Ken Caldeira, must be huffing nano particulate aluminum. He keeps forgetting that when he worked at a Government weapons lab he discussed “adding pathogens to the clouds” to wage chemical and germ warfare on civilian populations. Now his job is to sell the public on the idea that we may have no option but to spray chemicals over the entire planet – a decades long covert program that has ramped up to insane levels in recent years.

I questioned him at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club on May 8th, 2015, the AAAS Annual Meeting in San Jose on February 14th, 2015 and in Berkeley on May 9th, 2013. It slipped his mind until I played the audio back to him. He also got quite irate and told me to “shut the f*** up” (at 8:47).

Patrick Roddie – [Facebook, YouTube]

Here are links to documents referenced in the video.

Full video from the original conversation with Caldeira


Elsewhere on the web: Twitter, Activist Post, Inagist, Zen Gardener, TruthStream Media, Before It’s News, David Icke, AirCrap, Lunatic Outpost, Godlike Productions, disclose.tv, sgt report, LA Skywatch, & Chemtrails Planet.



[“Hacking the Climate” Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, May 8, 2015]

>> GREG DALTON: Our next question at Climate One, welcome.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Hello, my name’s Patrick Roddie. All the discussion – public discussion – about solar radiation management has been about sulfates, whereas the research shows, as David Keith’s 2010 paper in particular, talks about nano-particulate aluminum and barium, both of which are highly toxic. Dr. Caldeira, I spoke to you before about your meeting at Lawrence Livermore when you talked about putting pathogens in the clouds to rain down on your enemies and do chemical and germ warfare – unquote – also a toxin. How can you reassure people that you’re not planning on – or actually currently – putting toxins into the environment and how can we prevent that from happening?

>> GREG DALTON: Use solar radiation management, which is a term for bouncing sun back into the sky. Ken Caldeira.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: So let me say that I don’t remember – you know that I don’t want to assert that everything that was said in that question is correct.

[“Hack the Sky,” David Brower Center, Berkeley, May 9th, 2013]

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Back when you were at Lawrence Livermore you were on record as proposing putting pathogens into clouds to rain over enemy territory.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: That’s not true.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: I have audio.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Show me it.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: I can play it to you; I’ve got it on my iPhone.


[cut to 2010 interview]

>> KEN CALDEIRA: I used to work at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and I once participated in a meeting where we all sat around the room and thought about how we could manipulate geophysical systems to use it as a weapon. The meeting was about weaponizing geophysical interventions. That means, you know, could you somehow interfere with Earth functioning in a way that you could use it as a military weapon. Could you change climate, what could you do in terms of manipulating Earth’s physical systems.

>> INTERVIEWER: (inaudible)

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Well you know some of the ideas were, OK , maybe we could blow up hydrogen bombs, you know, underwater, offshore and make a tidal wave that would go over a city. And you know the result was isn’t it easier just to drop the hydrogen bombs on the city. You know that, that… Now you could imagine though, say, putting pathogens in a cloud, let the cloud, you know, go over somewhere and then would rain down on your enemy and create, you know, do chemical or germ warfare in this kind of way.

[back to “Hack the Sky,” David Brower Center, Berkeley, May 9th, 2013]

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Yeah, this is true.


>> KEN CALDEIRA: Yeah. So we were in a room and somebody said “oh, if you wanted to sort of kill, uh, weaponise things, could you” – right? And I was just saying… And the conclusion was basically no.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: But don’t…

>> KEN CALDEIRA: But that’s a different thing.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: But don’t you agree that, um, that would cause pause for people who find you proposing seeding clouds, that in the past you talked about putting pathogens…

>> KEN CALDEIRA: No, I – first of all, I think you’re putting words in my mouth.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: I just played your words back to you.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: No, no. I said I was in a meeting where people brought up the issue of could you weaponise geophysical systems – and the conclusion was no. And so if you’re going to… I could lie and say I wasn’t in such a meeting; I could make up stories to you. This man (pointing to John Fitzgerald) accuses me of lying so I don’t talk to him anymore, and so if you want me, you know, I’m just telling you the facts. I was in a room, people asked could you weaponise geophysical systems and the answer was no. OK, and you’re going to take a sentence out of context…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: I’m not… oh, no

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Or this man or someone will take a sentence out of context right now and put it on the web and, and, and take out the point, um…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Do you… so you don’t find that would, could cause people concern that…

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Well I find it concern that people take little clips of what I say, one sentence out of context and put it on the web instead of putting the whole context of, you know, and so…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: That you were discussing weather warfare.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: W-well, I, wuh – that I was in a room where it was brought up and that the conclusion was that there was no way to do it. And you’re not going to put that on the web. You’re going to put…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: I’m going to put it all up.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: You’ll put the part that says it was discussed and you’ll put out the part that says the idea was rejected. A-a-a-and, and I don’t have a security clearance, I’m not in anything, you know there. I was in a room, somebody brought it up, it was discussed briefly and rejected and, and and, and so because I’m open and, and talk about what I know, uh, you know, I have to suffer idiots taking little soundbites out of context and putting them on the web.

>> JOHN FITZGERALD: Idiots? There you go, that was nice to say! Oh and by the way, just a recommendation…

>> KEN CALDEIRA: I don’t want to talk to you! Because no! I don’t want to talk to you!

>> JOHN FITZGERALD: Stop mentioning Dick Cheney all the time.

>> WOMAN: You talk about how [inaudible]

>> MAN: Be civil.

>> WOMAN: He does, there are recordings of him saying it. He’s a liar…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: I played it to him.

>> WOMAN: You environmentalist idiots are falling for the biggest hoax that ever was.

[Back to “Hacking the Climate” Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, May 8, 2015]

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Uh, one reason why people are looking at sulfur is because that’s what volcanoes do, but you’re right that scientists are thinking about other kinds of particles, including little microscopic bits of diamonds and things like that. The, uh, I think any major program would involve a huge number of, uh, flights and would have a huge infrastructure associated with it. I guess you could say that the, uh, Edward Snowden’s revelations show that the government can keep some things secret for a while, but I think any kind of big secret like this eventually comes public. So, I should also just say that I’m an academic scientist who, you know sits in front of a laptop computer all day long, and so, uh, I don’t do any kind of… I, I don’t have any kind of infrastructure of my own to go spray things around myself.

>> GREG DALTON: So, diamonds in the sky? So maybe Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was not a code for LSD, it was a code for geoengineering?


>> KEN CALDEIRA: I just think that this, uh, you know there’s a lot of this selling, and, and, you know how things are spun. You know, actually, I’m very concerned that you know, we saw with the Bush administration that basically the American population accepted kidnapping and torture, accepted all these NSA knowing where we are and what we’re thinking all the time – and I think that if the Government announced, you know, that, oh, we’re putting diamonds in the sky to protect you from climate change and we’ve been doing that for the past decade, I think that people would largely accept it. So I think this idea that people are going to, you know, be up in arms about this when they weren’t up in arms about the Bush administration revelations, you know I feel this population will accept anything.

>> PANELIST: If you wanted to make money, you would keep the diamonds here on Earth.

>> GREG DALTON: This is Climate One and we’re talking about painting the sky – we’re not drinking, I promise. So let’s go to our next question.

[Informal talk after Commonwealth Club event, May 9th, 2015]

>> PATRICK RODDIE: So you said, uh, you were committed to truth.


>> PATRICK RODDIE: Right, ah, when we last spoke – actually, no, it was two times back in Berkeley – and I played you the recording of your interview when you said the, that you were in a meeting at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories discussing how to weaponise…

>> KEN CALDEIRA: No, not how to, I, I think that…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Oh, so you – wait, wait, so you do remember it then?

>> KEN CALDEIRA: No, no, what I remember that there was a discussion – but you had – have you ever sat in a meeting and discussed weaponisation of climate alteration?

>> PATRICK RODDIE: So you do remember?

>> KEN CALDEIRA: No, no, I’m asking you a question. Answer my question first. Do you, have you ever sat in a meeting and discussed weather – would it be possible to weaponise any kind of environmental alteration?

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Not at a weapons lab.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: No, no, I’m asking you did you ever sit in a meeting and discuss whether it would be possible to weaponise any, some kind of, uh environmental alteration.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: I have discussed…


>> PATRICK RODDIE: … I have discussed the Army, uh, the US Air Force’s document “Owning the Weather in 2025.”

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Do you remember the second half of what I said? I know that you type, uh…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: But so now you remember this? You now remember now? This is good, OK. You had no knowledge before.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Let me finish what I’m saying, no I… why don’t you shut the f*** up, OK? Because you – I’m saying this – ‘cause you don’t let me talk.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Please, please do.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: I know you record these little clips.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: I never edit.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Because you like to edit little things, right, ‘cause you don’t ever put the second half of what I say.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: I put the whole thing in last time.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: OK, what was the second half of the thing? That there was a discussion about whether it would be possible for anybody to use Earth system things as weapons and the conclusion is, was that it wouldn’t make any sense to do that and that there was no sensible way to weaponise Earth system processes.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: And one of the discussions…

>> KEN CALDEIRA: And so if the conclusion – if there was a discussion – amongst some people – I never had any security clearance – unsecured open discussion about… it was a… The question was raised would it be possible to weaponise manipulation of Earth system processes and the answer was no. And so, and…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: You’ve already admitted that, that was you on that tape. But then…

>> KEN CALDEIRA: What tape? But I don’t even know what tape.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: The one I played in your ear in Berkeley.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: I don’t remember all…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Oh, you – we had a Twitter back and forth.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: [Stutters] Then, then there’s no…


>> KEN CALDEIRA: But I don’t remember every person who comes up to me and plays…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: But you certainly remember that conversation, because we spoke about it last time and you admitted that, yes, “I was there… “

>> KEN CALDEIRA: I frankly don’t remember talking to you before. I believe I might have, but my memory’s not so good, so I-I-I’m sure I did speak to you before – I said I did – but I don’t recollect.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Well OK, moving on slightly, the, um – you’ve read, uh, Dr Keith’s, uh, paper, the Photophoretic Levitation of Particles? The 2010 one? In that it says that the sulfates are actually ineffective and instead you should be using nano-particulate aluminum and barium.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: You’re quoting it incorrectly, but yeah.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: So why no discussion about, ah, things that are supposedly more effective?

>> KEN CALDEIRA: What? Why is there no discussion?

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Why, why why – in public – when you go to public things like the Commonwealth Club or, uh, the Hacking the Climate thing at, um, AAAS. You also…

>> KEN CALDEIRA: I’ve never studied anything other than… The only thing I’ve done in models is either turn down the sun or specify sulfate aerosols, so I try to…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: But you’re aware that – of all the research on aluminum and the fact that sulfates are ineffective?

>> KEN CALDEIRA: All the research? I’m aware… What research? No, that’s not… You’re putting – you’re trying to put words…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: The Welsbach seeding patent?


>> PATRICK RODDIE: The Welsbach seeding patent.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: I don’t even know.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Raytheon owns that – oh, you’re aware of that one.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: OK ah, f…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: The contrail… Oh, whatever, you know. Well, I’ll see you in Paris! Have a nice trip!

>> BRIAN ZITTLOW: You p***ed him off.


>> PATRICK RODDIE: So. That’s how you do it!


[AAAS Annual Meeting, San Jose, February 14th, 2015]

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Two last questions, very brief please.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: OK, so my concern is for the human health impacts of geoengineering. I know you’re talking about sulfates, and the aluminum stuff isn’t discussed and I wouldn’t expect any of you to speak about a covert operation but the, uh… Respiratory failure has gone from the eighth leading cause of death to the third…

>> KEN CALDEIRA: We’re not going for a speech

>> PATRICK RODDIE: No, no, no, no. The question is: how can we have faith in organizations such as yourselves to take care of things like that when you yourself, as we spoke last time, discussed putting pathogens in clouds?

>> KEN CALDEIRA: Um, just… I-I’ve you know I happen to be a reviewer, reviewing a paper right now on health impacts of solar geoengineering that’s, uh, suggesting that many thousands of deaths would be caused by the aerosols but small relative to what the sulfates are.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: Not what you said at… But my concern is why isn’t there more emphasis on the human health impacts. And does it effect the credibility of the panel?

>> ALAN ROBUCK: The question is why aren’t we looking more at health impacts of geoengineering.

>> PATRICK RODDIE: And not just sulfates, the other substances such as aluminum, barium and strontium.

>> ALAN ROBUCK: … and other imaginary substances we’re not considering putting into the atmosphere. So, the reason we’re concerned about global warming is because of the health impacts. Global warming, as Michael pointed out earlier, has a lot of negative effects on the health of people around the world…

>> PATRICK RODDIE: The third leading cause of death being respiratory failure now?

>> KEN CALDEIRA: OK, we’re really coming to the last minutes so we’re done.

>> ALAN ROBUCK: If you’re gonna keep interrupting me, I’ll just ignore you.

>> KEN CALDEIRA: So let’s just go to the next, last question.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 4.25.06 PM

Barium 160μg/L in SF rain

Rainwater collected in San Francisco on April 5th, 2015 contained 160μg/L of barium. Less than one gram of barium will kill an adult human.

Here’s the full pdf of of the report: 2015-04-05

24 hours of suck

Since this has been such a brutal weekend for spraying , I decided to combine video commentary, sprayer close ups and day – and night – time lapses and satellite images into this 13 minutes bit covering February 20-21st. If you’re not doing everything you possibly can to put an end to this planetary emergency, you’re part of the problem.

Geoengineer evasive on aluminum toxicity

Geoengineering pitch man, David Keith, only talks about the possibility of spraying us with sulphates. But his own paper says they are ineffective, that spraying us with a million tons of highly toxic nanoparticulate aluminum and barium would be much better. Continue reading “Geoengineer evasive on aluminum toxicity”

Valentine’s Day Chemrise

Heavy overnight spraying gave San Francisco a dramatic chemical sunrise this morning, 2-14-16. It would be pretty if you didn’t know it was made up of toxic metals. Ugh.

Gotta love the First Amendment

When I was handing out chemtrail awareness fliers outside a Green Festival in San Francisco’s Fort Mason, park officials and police claimed I was breaking the law by doing so. They quoted a clearly unconstitutional park policy, saying I’d have to stop handing out fliers, move out of the park or get cited and arrested. At one point they even suggested fencing me in to a makeshift “free speech zone.” When I pointed out that their rule/regulation was clearly unconstitutional and was thus null and void, they finally backed down.

Incidentally, the code he cited (36 CFR 2.52) only applies to groups of 25 or more. No less unconstitutional.

Moral of the story is that when you stand up for your rights, you will prevail.

Over both days I gave out thousands of fliers and DVDs – we really are reaching critical mass!