SSU-010 – Oregon Chemtrail Summit Speech

March 12, 2016podcast

I explain the who, what, where, why and when of the covert spraying program in a speech to the Jefferson State Chemtrail Summit in Williams, OR, 3-12-16.

Aluminum 170μg/L, barium 19μg/L, manganese 12μg/L, strontium 30μg/L & titanium 5.5μg/L, in SF rain

March 3, 2016rainwater analysis

Rainwater collected in San Francisco on March 3rd, 2016 tested positive for aluminum at 170μg/L, barium at 19μg/L, manganese at 12μg/L, strontium at 30μg/L and titanium at 5.5μg/L. Here’s the pdf of the full report: 2016-03-03

Question for Ken Caldeira

February 26, 2016geoengineers, news, video

After geoengineer Ken Caldeira’s keynote speech at the UC Santa Cruz Climate Science & Policy conference (February 26th, 2016), I asked him why he didn’t discuss geoengineering. He refused to answer – or address the health impacts paper I gave him at the July 2015 Paris Climate Conference. And here’s his full keynote:-