SF Spray Report & Timelapse 2

February 22, 2016By Patrick Roddiecommentary, video No Comments

Another brutal 24 hours, (Feb 22, 2016) with a day long #incrediblyraresundog and an all night #incrediblyraremoondog. I got close ups on sprayers and recorded the full moon rising through chemtrails. Also features 24 hours of time lapse and NASA satellite imagery.

A War Against Humanity

January 13, 2016By Patrick Roddiespeech, video No Comments

In a call to action at the California State Capitol, January 13th, 2016, I described chemtrails/geoengineering as a war against humanity, causing the premature death of millions. It’s up to us to spread the word of this unprecedented crime. I gave the wrong address for NASA WorldView; it’s at http://worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov Here’s the rest of the … Read More

SSU-007 – Interview with Princess Basmah bint Saud

December 5, 2015By Patrick Roddiepodcast No Comments

At the Istanbul Security Conference 12-5-16, I had the honor of interviewing Saudi Princess Basmah bint Saud who was fully aware of the who, what, where, why and how of the covert spraying program, as well as the transhumanist agenda. A must listen.

Geoengineering 101 – Istanbul Presentation

December 4, 2015By Patrick Roddiespeech, video No Comments

Presenting my human health impact paper at the Climate Intervention Technology Workshop, Istanbul Security Conference, December 4, 2015. I went over the proposals to spray us with aluminum, barium and other metals, plus ample evidence that it was already happening. And here is the rest of the workshop:

SSU-006 – Geoengineering 101, Istanbul Security Conference

December 4, 2015By Patrick Roddiepodcast No Comments

My presentation on the global spraying program, aka geoengineering, at the Climate Modification Workshop, Istanbul Security Conference, Turkey, December 4, 2015.