My name’s Patrick Roddie, and I’ve been documenting and exposing the global crime known as geoengineering, solar radiation management or chemtrails for many years. And now I need your help.

Testifying at the EPA
Testifying at the EPA

I brought my paper on the human health impacts of geoengineering to the July 2015 Paris Climate Conference, testified on aircraft pollution at the EPA in August 2015, presented at the Istanbul Security Conference in December 2015, made the front page of SF Weekly in August 2015, give speeches at California’s State Capitol, confronted geoengineers at several scientific conferences, interviewed a Saudi princess, organized dozens of protests in the SF Bay Area, run this site (, distributed tens of thousands of DVDs, hundreds of thousands of fliers, recorded hundreds of daily (and many nightly) time lapses of the spraying over San Francisco, admin too many Facebook groups, get my rainwater analysed (whenever they let it rain on San Francisco), document and share NASA satellite imagery and much, much more. See the bottom of this page for my upcoming schedule.

I’ve spent many thousands of dollars on computers, cameras, microphones, lenses, DVDs, fliers, t-shirts, conference fees, media, rainwater analysis, travel and more (see below). Up until now, I’ve relied on the occasional GoFundMe campaign to cover specific costs, but since this has become more than a full time job, I simply can’t continue burning through my savings. I’ve been working full time as a photographer since 2001, but because I don’t have time to market myself, my photo work has pretty much dried up. If you know any brides to be, I’d be very grateful if you would tell them about me. Here’s a link to my photography website; I am really quite gifted, even if I say so myself.

But in a perfect world, I’d like to support myself completely through my activism. I don’t sell anything, put ads on my YouTube videos and everything I publish is free to share – my goal is to get the word out to as many people as possible. The spraying program is ramping up to unprecedented levels by the week – and there’s nothing more important than doing everything in my power to stop it.

The other side is very well funded by foundations, governments, three letter agencies and the companies who get the contracts to spray. I’m doing this on my own dime – but because of that, don’t have to answer to higher ups, groups or organizations. I do all my own research, filming, recording, editing and social media without assistants. I also have a huge research project in the pipeline which will cause shockwaves – more on that as it progresses. I think I’ve achieved a tremendous amount this past year – but I’m only just getting started. With your help I can do a whole lot more. My highly marketable skill set could easily land me a well paid job – but then I wouldn’t have time to be an activist.

So I’ve finally caved and put up a PayPal button on the site (see below) where you can send me as little or as much as you’d like. Recurring would be best – I hate asking for money. If you’d rather not use PayPal you can mail me a check, cash, money order to:-

Patrick Roddie
1935 Franklin Street #603
San Francisco, CA 94109-3466

Thank you – together we can beat this thing.

Patrick Roddie, March 17th, 2016


Here’s a partial breakdown of my out of pocket activism expenses so far:

  • Canon Vixia Mini (for daytime time lapses) – $400
  • Nikon Coolpix P900 (for closeups on sprayers) – $600
  • Olympus PCM recorder – $400
  • Moment Wide & Tele lens, Shure MV88 microphone for iPhone videography – $400
  • Updated Mac Pro workstation for production (replaced 2008 model) – $1700
  • Pro audio rig for interviews & upcoming podcast with Max Bliss – $1,000
  • 30,000+ burned DVDs – $$$$
  • Hundreds of thousands of fliers – $$$$
  • Rainwater analysis – Plenty; I’ve spent $260 in the past two weeks alone. (Four tests, five metals per test.)
  • Conference registration and expenses not covered by previous fundraising – several hundred dollars
  • Three Earth Day booth registrations (2014-16) – $300
  • Batteries, chargers, memory cards, tripods, AC adapters – more $
  • [not included – tens of thousands of dollars worth of pro camera gear I also use for my photography business]

Upcoming events (unpaid, out of pocket):

Wish list:

  • Laptop (I had to do the EPA thing on my iPhone)
  • Prosumer camcorder for recording conferences
  • Quality wireless lavolier mics and mixer