SSU-050 – Chemtrails & Alzheimer’s – Chris Exley PhD

July 31, 2018By Patrick Roddiealzheimer's, health, podcast, research 3 Comments

The world’s leading expert on aluminum toxicity said it would be “catastrophically stupid” to spray the skies with alumina nanoparticles, as geoengineer David Keith plans to do over Tuscon this year.

Professor Chris Exley PhD, group leader of the Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keele University, UK, has studied aluminum toxicity for 34 years; how it causes Alzheimer’s disease and what we can do to protect ourseves from it.

Proof spraying ramped up in the 1990s

March 31, 2018By Patrick Roddieresearch 1 Comment

I wanted to know when people first noticed the spraying of our skies, so on March 29, 2018, I asked my 5,000 Facebook friends, “When and where did you first notice the spraying?” Within two days, I had 331 data points showing a five-fold increase from the 1980s to 1990s – confirming anecdotal evidence that … Read More