SSU-031 – On the Bridge with Kira Young

My interview with Kira Young on On The Bridge with Kira, broadcast August 12, 2017 on Revolution Radio. We discuss the covert spraying program, my project to build a global database linking spraying to health impacts, the full spectrum warfare on all life on Earth and how we will win using spiritual warfare.

SSU-030 – SF Chemtrails Forum speech

Here’s the podcast and video of my speech to the San Francisco Chemtrails/Geoengineering Awareness Forum, July 29, 2017.

SSU-029 – Last American Vagabond

My interview with Ryan Christian’s Last American Vagabond, recorded June 30, 2017. We cover the long and short term plans of the global elite the apparent failing of the establishment media, depopulation, the massive ramp up of the spraying and much more.

SSU-028 – Midnight in the Desert

My interview with Heather Wade on Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert June 13th, 2017. I cover the health effects of the spraying, my plan to build a global database matching death records with observed spraying and find out how many people are being killed by it.

SSU-027 – Last American Vagabond

My second interview with Ryan Christian on the Last American Vagabond, May 26, 2017, covered my recent and upcoming work to stop the spraying.

SSU-026 – Red Pill Report

I was interviewed by Andrew Drapper of the UK’s Red Pill Report May 22nd. In it we cover the basics of the spraying, including the human health impacts and the spiritual aspect of this war on all life on Earth.

SSU-025 – Portland Chemtrail Summit speech

In my speech to the Portland Chemtrail Summit at Hoffman Hall, PSU, 5-7-17, I outlined my plan to prove how many people are dying from the covert spraying program – and share their names.

SSU-024 – Ground Zero Radio

As Clyde Lewis’ guest on Ground Zero Radio, 2-3-17, I addressed the massive increase in spraying operations and the devastating health effects it’s causing.

SSU-023 – Triumph over Targeting

As a guest on Eyerly Felder’s Triumph over Targeting on January 12, 2017, I discussed the massive ramping up of the spraying program and it’s devastating health effects. For example, dementia (including Alzheimers) has overtaken cancer, heart attack and stroke to become the number one killer in the UK. Edited for length – full talk […]

SSU-022 – Spiritual Warfare

On Dave Cruz’s Beyond the Strange show 12-30-16, I discuss the massive increase in spraying and it’s devastating health consequences. We also cover Technocracy and how this is essentially a spiritual war of good versus evil – and how we win. Dave Cruz NASA Worldview

SSU-021 – Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis

My interview with Clyde Lewis on Ground Zero Radio, December 23, 2016. Reposted with permission.

SSU-020 – Interview with Peter Valentino

SSU-020 – Intervew with Peter Valentino 2016-11-02 by Stop Spraying Us podcast by Patrick Roddie

SSU-019 – Backstory with Max Bliss

SSU-019 – Backstory with Max Bliss 2016-10-29 by Stop Spraying Us podcast by Patrick Roddie

SSU-018 – Backstory with Kate Willens

SSU-018 – Backstory with Kate Willens 2016-10-22 by Stop Spraying Us podcast by Patrick Roddie

SSU-017 – Interview with Crroww777

SSU-017 – Interview with Crroww777 2016-07-23 by Stop Spraying Us podcast by Patrick Roddie.

SSU-016 – Chiloquin Speech

On my way back from the Vancouver chemtrail summit, I gave an inside baseball speech to a group of activists in Chiloquin, OR, May 9th, 2016. In it, I discussed how this is a battle between good and evil and how we will prevail.

SSU-015 – Vancouver Chemtrail Summit speech

Here’s the closing speech I gave at the first Global Chemtrail Summit in Vancouver BC, May 7th, 2016.

SSU-014 – Shasta Headwaters Speech

The speech I made at Shasta Headwaters, 4-20-16, soon before the Vancouver Chemtrail Summit.

SSU-012 – California State Capitol speech

My speech at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, CA, 4-6-16.

SSU-013 – Interview on “The Last American Vagabond”

My first interview on Ryan Christian’s “The Last American Vagabond,” April 4, 2016 “Welcome to a special edition episode of The Last American Vagabond Podcast here at Third Eye Radio. In this episode we have a very special guest, San Francisco based geoengineering activist Patrick Roddie. In this episode we cover a broad range of […]