SSU-051 – Afreekan Southwell 2018-09-29

September 30, 2018By Patrick Roddiedirected energy, geoengineers, geopolitics, podcast, spirituality No Comments

In my third interview with Afreekan Southwell, broadcast on the Virgin Islands’ People’s Station, WSTA1340, September 29, 2018, I talked about the weaponization of our weather. Our talk covered last year’s multiple Category 5 hurricanes in the Carribean, the “new normal” of extreme weather events, an unprecedented fire season in the western USA, earthquakes, floods … Read More

SSU-050 – Chemtrails & Alzheimer’s – Chris Exley PhD

July 31, 2018By Patrick Roddiealzheimer's, health, podcast, research 3 Comments

The world’s leading expert on aluminum toxicity said it would be “catastrophically stupid” to spray the skies with alumina nanoparticles, as geoengineer David Keith plans to do over Tuscon this year.

Professor Chris Exley PhD, group leader of the Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keele University, UK, has studied aluminum toxicity for 34 years; how it causes Alzheimer’s disease and what we can do to protect ourseves from it.

SSU-049 – Vaxxed and sprayed

June 9, 2018By Patrick Roddiehealth, interview, podcast, spirituality No Comments

In this interview with vaccine activist Suzanne Origen, I explain how both vaccines and the spraying injure our health with toxic alumina and other pathogens.

SSU-048 – Winning through awesomeness.

June 7, 2018By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast, spirituality No Comments

I had an outstanding interview with Lynette Marie Barron covering my work to stop the chemtrail program and how to apply spirit in your daily life.

SSU-046 – Victory through awesomeness

May 18, 2018By Patrick Roddieinterview, legal, podcast, spirituality 7 Comments

How we identify and defeat all the crap from the other side, spiritually. We need to be able to recognize awesomeness and it’s opposite and choose between them. By ridding ourselves of all things crappy we become clear, focused and powerful. Our side is about creation, theirs is destruction. We need to understand that and act accordingly.

SSU-045 – Tuscon Chemtrail Summit speech

May 16, 2018By Patrick Roddiepodcast, speech 2 Comments

In my third annual Chemtrail Summit presentation in Tuscon, AZ, May 12th, 2018, I prove we are being sprayed with aluminum, how it has caused the Alzheimer’s epidemic, how iron accelerates the disease, how we protect ourselves with soluble silica and the legal means to stop it in its tracks.

SSU-044 – Legal strategies against chemtrails

May 9, 2018By Patrick Roddielegal, podcast 7 Comments

I interview Dr. Wil Burns PhD, co-executive director of the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment, American University to find out if there were any legal pathways for the public to stop deployment of a toxic geoengineering program.

SSU-047 – Chemtrails 101 – Kentfield presentation

April 24, 2018By Patrick Roddiehealth, podcast, speech No Comments

What are chemtrails and why are they a problem? In my post Earth Day presentation at the College of Marin April 24, 2018, I prove what is happening, what is proposed and why it’s killing people. I show how aluminum causes Alzheimer’s, that observations of spraying matches a corresponding increase in the Alzheimer’s death toll … Read More

SSU-043 – How we win

April 6, 2018By Patrick Roddiecommentary, podcast 1 Comment

How we will win. In this interview with Ryan Christian, recorded April 6, 2018, I explain how we stop the spraying program in particular, and the progression of evil in general.

SSU-042 – Collective Consciousness Show

January 25, 2018By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

I was a last minute replacement for Terry Lawton on the Collective Consciousness Show on American Underground Network, January 25, 2018, and the conversation couldn’t have been better.

SSU-041 – Last American Vagabond

January 10, 2018By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

In my latest interview with Ryan Christian on The Last American Vagabond, we discuss geopolitics, CERN, AI and the increasingly dark nature of our spiritual opposites.

SSU-040 – Last American Vagabond

December 7, 2017By Patrick Roddiegeopolitics, interview, podcast No Comments

Ryan Christian and I discuss social engineering and geopolitics, including Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Recorded December 7, 2017.

SSU-039 – On Technology with Afreekan Southwell

November 25, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

Are we too dependent on technology? Can we live without it? In my second interview with Afreekan Southwell, I discuss the current state of our technological dependence and where technology companies are leading us. This was broadcast to the Virgin Islands over People’s Station 1320AM November 25, 2017.

SSU-038 – On Weather Warfare

November 4, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

The Virgin Islands endured two Category 5 hurricanes in October. Afreekan Southwell on the Virgin Islands People’s Station, 1340AM interviewed me November 4th, 2017 to discuss how these and other extreme weather events could be formed – and why.

SSU-037 – Spiritual plumbing

November 1, 2017By Patrick Roddiepodcast, spirituality No Comments

Edited for length, Kate Magdalena Willens and I discussed the spiritual aspect of this hot war against all life on earth. Originally broadcast on Backstory, September 18, 2017.

SSU-036 – Last American Vagabond

October 6, 2017By Patrick Roddiecommentary, podcast 1 Comment

Ryan Christian interviewed me about the Las Vegas shooting and other efforts by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be to create order out of chaos.

SSU-035 – Spaced Out Radio

September 19, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

Dave Scott of SpacedOutRadio interviewed me September 19, 2017 about chemtrails, weather warfare, hurricane manipulation and the global awakening happening around the world.

SSU-034 – Backstory with Kate Willens

September 18, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

In my talk with Kate Willens September 18, 2017, I outlined the spiritual aspect of the hot war we are in, as evidenced by the escalation of hate, fear, violence, chaos and deception waged against us.

SSU-033 – Last American Vagabond, 9-7-17

September 7, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast No Comments

In the best interview I’ve ever done, Ryan Christian and I discussed the blatant manipulation of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose.

SSU-032 – Era of Wisdom

September 6, 2017By Patrick Roddieinterview, podcast 1 Comment

My September 6th interview with Cassius from Era of Wisdom really caught fire, quickly garnering 265,000 YouTube views, and shared by Anonymous, Russia Today and more. It then became the foundation of a viral video by Enigma 51, which got 873,000 views. That’s well over a million people who were shown proof of hurricane engineering … Read More