SSU-051 – Afreekan Southwell 2018-09-29

In my third interview with Afreekan Southwell, broadcast on the Virgin Islands’ People’s Station, WSTA1340, September 29, 2018, I talked about the weaponization of our weather. Our talk covered last year’s multiple Category 5 hurricanes in the Carribean, the “new normal” of extreme weather events, an unprecedented fire season in the western USA, earthquakes, floods and more – and how these can be and are being manipulated by men to usher in world government.

I also explain the spiritual aspect of this war and how we will prevail p by listening to our hearts and doing the right thing.

SSU-040 – Last American Vagabond

Ryan Christian and I discuss social engineering and geopolitics, including Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Recorded December 7, 2017. Continue reading “SSU-040 – Last American Vagabond”