African shenanigans

I’ve been paying attention to sharply carved “cloud” banks for some time and noticed that in south east Africa (Mozambique) they precede widespread coverage with “popcorn” clouds. The same phenomenon has been happening for several days, between the overpass of the Terra Modis satellite and the Aqua/Suomi satellites hours later. Continue reading “African shenanigans”

Thomas Fire resembles pyroclastic flow

An image I found on Twitter showed the Thomas Fire generating plumes that resembled a pyroclastric flow – as seen in volcanic eruptions and when the World Trade Center towers were turned into dust on 9/11. Continue reading “Thomas Fire resembles pyroclastic flow”

“Odd and unusual” fires the “new normal” – Jerry Brown

Even though CA governor Jerry Brown calls December wildfires “very odd and unusual,” he added that they were “the new normal.” Continue reading ““Odd and unusual” fires the “new normal” – Jerry Brown”