Rainwater collected in San Francisco December 20, 2017, tested positive for three of the four metals proposed to be sprayed by geoengineer David Keith.

NELAP certified laboratory McCampbell Analytical found barium at 4.1μg/L, iron at 15μg/L and titanium at 0.42μg/L. Aluminum was below method detection limits. This result is an order of magnitide less than others I have found – at the same source, with the same methods and the same variables.

Here’s a pdf of the full report.

(These tests cost money – please consider helping cover my costs.)

In his 2010 paper, “Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering,” Keith (@DKeithClimate) proposes spraying us with engineered nano-discs made of aluminum, barium, titanium and iron.

Here’s a diagram of Dr. Keith’s toxic nano-discs:



And here he is avoiding questions of aluminum toxicity:

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