What a week that was. It started with my EPA testimony being picked up by Activist Post, Global Research, David Icke, and many more outlets. It’s been translated into Czech, Italian, French – and who knows what else. As of today, it’s gotten 14,382 YouTube views, not counting other channels that reposted it. The timing couldn’t have been better with a few days left to submit comments to the EPA. (The deadline’s August 31st – do it now!)

An interview I did with Geoff Brady (the radio journalist who originally recorded Ken Caldeira’s “pathogens in the clouds” admission) the night before I left for the EPA hearing was broadcast across New York on WBAI 99.5 Pacifica Radio, and was later rebroadcast on WPPP, WKXC and Art Bell’s massively popular Dark Matter Radio on Wednesday. It’s by far the best interview I’ve ever done and in it I discuss geoengineering, what I brought to the EPA and Paris Climate Conference, technocracy and the scumbag agenda. It’s well worth the listen. A Facebook friend made a YouTube video of it (below), illustrated with pictures from my timeline. I’ll do another one with video and references once I find the time.

Then came Thursday. SF Weekly, San Francisco’s largest free paper (circulation 60,000) ran a front page story on chemtrail/geoengineering activists in the SF Bay Area – and it wasn’t a hit piece! To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a story on this issue in the corporate/mainstream press – TV, print or radio – which hasn’t dismissed it outright as a wacky conspiracy theory. When Jeremy Lybarger, the author and now managing editor of the paper, interviewed me and other activists a few months ago, I assumed the worst. But to his credit, he presented both sides of the story, also quoting Ken “pathogens in the clouds” Caldeira and uber-shill Mick West. He let readers decide for themselves. You know, journalism.

SF Weekly Facebook page

Of course, I would have written it differently, but he addressed my concerns about health effects and even caught Mick West in a lie.

The shills are in full damage control mode. They hacked and trashed Geoff Brady’s website, tried hacking my site (good luck with that), posted desperate logical fallacies in comment sections and last night, they even wheeled out Mick West to go on Sacramento’s KFBK NewsRadio and attempt to put a lid on it. I’ve emailed the show’s producer to see if I can come on and rebut his lame disinformation, but I won’t hold my breath.

Also on Thursday night, I was on American Underground Network’s Collective Consciousness Show alongside fellow activist Lexie Hunter. That was also an awesome interview, expanding on what I said on Geoff Brady’s show. Lexie also detailed a lot more about what we achieved at the Paris Climate Conference. Another must listen.

(Click the “play” button below to hear it.)


My thanks go out to Geoff Brady, Peter Kirby, Jeremy Lybarger, Jim Lee, Lexie Hunter and everyone else who helped make last week happen. Pat yourselves on the back – you deserve it.

TL;DR We’re making progress faster than the shills can handle it.

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