Titanium was found at almost 20 times reporting limits in San Francisco rain. Aluminum clocked in at 280μg/L (5.6x reporting limits), iron at 400μg/L (20x RL) and barium nearly four times reporting limits (19μg/L).

Strontium was also found at 13μg/L.

These are the very metals geoengineer David Keith proposed spraying us with in his 2010 paper, “Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering.”

San Francisco was heavily sprayed September 11, 2017, as the time lapse below shows – skies were filled with wispy crud, EMF pulses and a barium revealing #incrediblyraresundog. The day finished with a thunderstorm in which the SF Bay Area was treated to thousands of lightning strikes. The rain sample was collected at the beginning of the storm in clean glass bowls placed on plastic sheeting and transferred to a lab-provided plastic sample bottle buffered with HNO3.

Here’s a pdf of the full report.

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  • Interesting. What were your clean glass bowls sitting on? (If on the ground or on a flat solid surface you can get contaminants splashing upward – especially from the ground. What was over your collection jars, meaning what buildings and roofs were nearby? Could you post a picture of your collection setup and the surrounding areas below, beside and above?
    Due to how you report ‘x’ times the ‘reporting limit’ it makes me wonder if you are fully aware what that means. RL means the SMALLEST amt the test equipment could detect. So saying 20x the RL is like saying 20 times the smallest possible amt detectable. That’s near meaningless. Thanks to you and others reporting things in a misleading way, I have virtually lost my wife. She has become so stressed she cannot function normally and is in constant turmoil. I blame you. I have become a near expert on reading reports. I suggest you see this mage and study it completely before you screw up any more people. http://www.labconserv.com/here/what-is-reporting-limit-rl/

    • Close, but no cigar. You’re confusing the reporting limit (RL) with the Method Detection Limit (MDL). The MDL is the lowest amount the equipment can reliably detect. It’s right there in the image and the glossary is in the attached pdf. The glass bowls were placed on plastic sheeting to prevent splash back.

      • Regarding the collection methodology, the lab I used required that I meet these requirements:
        1. Minimum of 1/2 gallon collected specimum
        2. Delivered to the lab in 12 hours or less from time of collection
        3. Collect it plastic, cover with saran wrap.
        4. No metal lid or any metal contact

        Your collection time to analysis time is about 3.5 days, well beyond what my lab would accept.
        What is around your collection point especially above it?
        Your Aluminum and barium amts are far under Ca limits so I don;t find it sensational.

        • My lab, McCampbell Analytics require 150mls for testing – I provided 200mls in the HNO3 buffered plastic sample bottles they provided. There was less than two days between the collection of the sample and the start of analysis. Samples buffered with HNO3 are good for weeks.

      • Anyone who is even semi-conscious initially (and repeatedly) falls into depression and turmoil. To fathom that their are toxic heavy metals sprayed overhead polluting: our water, plants, wildlife and humanity is deeply troubling. I hope your wife can put her energy into educating others so that this amazing planet has a hope for the future. There are is a former NASA aerospace avionic engineer who has been working with geoengineeringwatch.org and if humanity fails to make the necessary changes, that former NASA employee predicts maybe 7-8 years left on this planet. F*#! that is dire! More people need to wake up and sense the urgency of this issue.

        Dan, your wife is totally sane for responding with the way she did. Hell, I feel depressed knowing this. But I feel very positive that their are people like Patrick Roddie, Dane Wigington, and Kevin Shipp out there trying to wake people up, get them to give a damn, and protect what is left of our environment.

        There is no where to move. The entire planet is under this assault. Our best best is to educate, wake others up and hopefully stop this madness.

        Keep up the good work Patrick! Unfortunately people still shoot the messenger instead of praising them for the information.

  • Ultimately, what do you suggest people do? I believe you still live in the city. And I guess you live near where you collected the rainwater.
    If you were really concerned, would you move away?
    Where would you move?
    I ask this with all sincerity.

    • It doesn’t matter where you live, we’re all forced to breathe the crap they’re spraying. Here, for example, is a test of snow I got when I was living in rural Oregon. http://stopsprayingus.com/titanium-40x/ It’s up to you whether or not you’re concerned that our biosphere is being drenched in neurotoxins. I’m just reporting the facts.

      • We live in rural, RURAL, Idaho and get the same chem skies and freeky weather as the rest of the world. There is no escaping this mess no matter where you go. Thanks for the results, I was waiting to see them. I called the local water testing lab here, think it is in Moscow, to ask about prices etc… The nice lady asked me why I would want to test for these specific metals….Kind of a red flag for me and I didn’t do the test. Also they wanted $30 per metal. Geez

  • Level of aluminium is huge! Could you also test mercury next time, this would be very interesting. Is there any historic data how it was in the past just to compare, in other words does it got dramatically worse recently because of chemtrails?

  • This is a dire situation we are all facing; few are aware or recognize what is happening. It’s so clear to see … by looking up and watching the skies; the white planes that fly across the sky at Mach speeds dispersing white lines; criss-crosses in the air. The sun is becoming a rare experience in my blue sky state Utah. I need the sun for my skin; my mind peace. We are being poisoned on a near daily basis anymore; yet people are o livious or deny such a horror could be happening ; yet it is. No SANE well-motived entity or person could participate and advocate the chemical sky-Spraying interference of any type. Global warming is a croc. The spray experiments are finally gelling to a point of altering a natural life-sustaining resource: The air we breathe. It’s not car emissions; coal; factories which disperse minute amounts of byproduct vs the immense amounts of chemical cocktails being dispersed from aircraft globally all hours of the day. Look at the webcams anywhere and all you see is muck in the air and the aircraft trails. These laboratory fuckheads providing the supportive lab research fuel these arrogant entities for ongoing shitting in our skies, dubbed under the guise of “geo-engineering” to stop global-warming (manufactured by the Spraying). Nature has for millions of years been at the helm – these precious life sustaining environmental processes yet These entities are gaining in their presence. And people are too busy to look up and take note that our clouds are now manufactured; many are conditioned to accept these “poison aerosol sky cocktails”as acceptable and as “natural” formed clouds. As a former pilot , rare to now see true cumulus cloud formations. Instead it’s The grey ugliness- streaky; web mists predominat the skies and they’re getting lower and closer to the ground. Wake people up and Stop the Spraying now.

  • First, let me thank you for the great work you are doing. People are finally waking up to the truth hanging above their heads.
    Secondly, I would like to ask your opinion on the theory that global warming is being caused by the spraying as opposed to spraying being a potential “cure” for climate change. I believe there is enough profit to be made from the exploitation of resources under the arctic ice to justify (in the minds of the perpetrators) the poisoning of the planet.

    • The spraying increases artificial cloud cover and clouds insulate the ground – cloudy nights are warmer, because heat cannot get out. Conversely, daytime clouds reduce the amount of heat reaching the surface, so it’s probably a wash. The biggest influence on global temperature remains the sun.

      • The research has not included the long term effectS of cloud-seeding and weather modification which has been ongoing 50+ years. The graphs for warming show a spike that coincides with the 1960s increased aircraft cloud seeding. The aerosol effects are long term and cumulatively the cause for globe warming and cooling.

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