Manufacturing tornadoes

Massive upswelling of condensed water vapor was seen on a NASA Sport animation over Oklahoma the same day it got hit by multiple tornadoes, 10-21-17. In this video I explain how EMF pulses work in conjunction with aerosol spraying to condense water and manipulate the weather. Continue reading “Manufacturing tornadoes”

Severe spraying worldwide

Satellite imagery from NASA Worldview confirmed massive spraying and EMF worldwide, October 17, 2017. Everywhere I looked, skies were filled with trails, sharp edged unnatural cloud formations and EMF ripples. Continue reading “Severe spraying worldwide”

Hurricane Ophelia is manmade

Satellite images show obvious chemical and electromagnetic manipulation of Hurricane Ophelia, which by October 14, 2017, became a category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 115mph. Continue reading “Hurricane Ophelia is manmade”

SSU-036 – Last American Vagabond

Ryan Christian interviewed me about the Las Vegas shooting and other efforts by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be to create order out of chaos. Continue reading “SSU-036 – Last American Vagabond”